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February 2018 Newsletter

Berlin, Made in China, Churchill War Room, Bologna, Johnny Got His Gun, Robert Mueller

Plus Deals & Steals, Facts & Stats, Classic Cinema, Poetry, Trivia, and more on TravelingBoy.com


Johnny Got His Gun - A Look Back
by Walt Mundkowsky



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Audrey's Travel Recipes

Ms. Hart discovers recipes from around the globe, covering everything from Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Dracula Goulash Recipe to African Peanut Soup.

Time Capsule Cinema

Time Capsule Cinema: a look back at classic movies Walt Mundkowsky dishes out reviews of cult movie classics.

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TGIF Joke of the Week

Raoul's TGIF Jokes Raoul receives and collects jokes and videos from all over the world. He chooses the best ones, illustrates it, and sends it off to thousands every Friday in the wee hours of the morning. He also puts in his "Two Cents" about how he sees the world. It's free to subscribe or you can wait for it to pop up in Traveling Boy.
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