Yellow, Pink and Green

August 11, 2017
Death Wish
"we and the people there pleaded with Paul not to go up to Jerusalem."
Acts 21:12

It looks like I will be going to Nigeria around Thanksgiving. Yup! My good friend John was able to get a grant that will be sending a team of us to spread the concept of entrepreneurship to that nation with 80% unemployment. Was I excited? Fearful is a more accurate description. I told John that I was willing to give my seat to anyone else who wanted to take my place (that's code for "get some other dummy"). But John insisted that I go. So ... I go!

My wife wondered "why you?" (Funny, I asked John the same thing.) "Why do it?" When I told her it was going to help a lot of people she kept quiet.

"But it's not safe!"

"At least I have life insurance ... if they ever kidnap me, don't pay any ransom! I'll just have my head cut off ... problem solved! Your retirement? – solved! My back problem? – solved! " She didn't think that was funny.

But seriously, it's not dangerous where we are going ... at least John said so. You can trust John, right? And if anything were to happen to me, my assistant could take over my responsibilities. My wife could tackle whatever else needs to be done. My kids are grown and already independent. They don't need an old fogy to interfere with their lives.

I guess I'm being melodramatic. But can you blame me? I'm not looking forward to the 18 hour plane trip. Nor the pollution of kerosene and rattling sound from the generators. And who wants to starve from the lack of Western food? Oh, what are you doing to me John?! With friends like John, who needs enemies? Good thing I love the guy.

When I think about the people – the genuine smiles of those college kids – the little inconveniences go away.

Swarmed by our fans during our 2015 trip in Nigeria

Having been there already I have an inkling of what Nigeria needs. Since my first trip I have consulted with experts in different fields. Sadly, instead of getting answers I got more questions and doubts. Instead of a road to progress I see roadblocks in the form of weak infrastructures and political shenanigans. But I mustn't give up. If God would grant me my wishes, I would want to:

  • help solve the perpetual blackouts
  • connect people to a reliable internet source
  • bring seeds to start crops of the best variety
  • establish a coop to market their produce
  • be the inspiration of many small businesses, etc.

Are you a dreamer like me? Sucks, doesn't it?

TGIF people!

Yellow, Pink and Green
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

Mujibar was trying to get a job.

The Personnel Manager said,
'Mujibar! You have passed all the tests, except one. It is a simple test of your English language skills.Unless you pass it, you cannot qualify for this job!'

Mujibar said, 'I am ready!!!'

The manager said, 'You must make a sentence using the words Yellow, Pink, and Green.'

Mujibar thought for just a few minutes and said,
'Mister manager, I am ready! I'm so excited!!!

The manager said, 'Go ahead.'

Mujibar said,
'The telephone goes green, green. And I pink it up, and say, Yellow, this is Mujibar!'

Mujibar now works at a call center for AT&T!

No doubt you have spoken to him! I know I have.

UPDATE: In case you were wondering about about the 12 homes that needed internet connections in my intro last week ... well, the installers finally came Thursday!!! The homes will be having their internet soon. It must have been the power of the press and social media. Yay!!! Thanks to all who passed the email around.

TGIF Videos

Handsome Dancer
Sent by Peter Paul of Pasadena, CA

I don't know if it was the silliness or the weirdness but something made me laugh.

Israeli Dolphin Show
Sent by Mike of New York

These Israeli dolphins are something else. Smart, well coordinated and fun to watch.

Top Actors Do a Commercial for British Airways
Sent by Peter Paul of S Pasadena, CA

Very dry sense of humor ... very British. I liked it. A bit long but it was able to hold my curiosity.

Parting Shot
Thanks to Don of Kelowna, B.C. who provided this photo


Hi Raoul,

I really liked your intro to this TGIF issue. I don't always read them in a timely manner, but I don't delete them til I read them. I'm very impressed with all you do for those who don't have.

You really are a very good person! I'm proud to know you.

Audrey, NYC

About your trip to Nigeria, did you see the three part LA Times series about China’s investments and effect on Africa? It ran over the past week.

Don’t forget to get your immunizations.


Nigeria sounds like fun!


I really appreciate you sir.

It will sure be great to see you again.

I look forward to that.


Jonah of Kagoro, Nigeria

Take your guitar for sure!


Thanks Raoul. John is a great Companion for what you are planning. You have the Spirit and courage of the Apostles and what you are trying to do will assist people in that region and could spread.Be cautious and Prudent but giving yourself to such a venture in commendable. I Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Sir Raoul,

It has been a long while and I just thought I should be in touch and check on how you are doing. I trust that you are doing great and family is great too.

I really want to say I appreciate your TGIF newsletters and the lessons learned. Sorry for not keeping in touch for a long time. I really appreciate everything.

My best regards,

Jonah of Kagoro Nigeria

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