7 Things A Digital Nomad Can’t Forget When Traveling

There was a time when the jobs were about clocking in at 9 and leaving at 5 pm. But today, things have changed, the work has expanded beyond the office walls, and people put a high value on work flexibility. They work remotely, change locations, travel a lot, and depend on technologies and tools to complete their work.


As impressing as it sounds working when traveling, there are few things that every digital nomad has to keep up with to be effective as a remote worker. Here are some examples worth considering.

A Travel Bag:

The usual trolley bag will not be ideal for travelers who are always on the go. You would need something lightweight, easy to carry, and stiff enough to withstand everyday stress.  For this reason, choosing the right kind of luggage can make a huge difference in your travel.

The first thing you need to consider is to choose something comfortable and with ample space. Also, it should have multiple compartments to provide easy access to everything you might need, including camera gear, computer gear or clothing.


One of the most important, yet most uncertain things about traveling is an Internet connection. While the airports, hotels, and other accommodation offers free WI-Fi, there’s no guarantee that they will always be available and are secure.

So, depending on free WiFi could be a total risk to your whole work and lifestyle. This is especially true if you require a speedy internet connection. However, traveling with a portable hotspot ensures an internet connection anywhere you go. It may not always be fast, but at least it’s reliable.

Virtual Mailbox:

Of course, you can handle most of your matters through email or perhaps through apps and software. However, there are still many reasons why you might need a physical mailbox even if you travel. A virtual mailbox is an excellent solution that provides an address, which will receive all your physical mail.

A virtual mailbox services for travelers include services that scan your incoming mail, allow you to open and view, forward the mail to anywhere in the world, deposit a check and much more. You would need a virtual mailbox, if:

  • you need a P.O box or any other physical address
  • You have clients who pay by check
  • you don’t want to miss the payment of physical bills

Headphones or Earphones:

Not being in office walls doesn’t mean you wouldn’t need a separate workspace. Whether it’s a hotel room or public spaces, the distractions will not let you concentrate on your work. A nice pair of earphones or headphones, preferably noise cancelling, will then come handy. They will let you easily concentrate on your work without letting you hear anything. And the best part, they are also ideal for all work-related calls and other things that require audible content.

Portable All-in-One Chargers:

Travelers usually don’t have reliable access to power outlets. This is a problem since a digital nomad needs to need to have all devices charged to get the work done. That’s when portable chargers come handy.

Not only you can use them to charge mobile phones, but they are also ideal for keeping the laptop’s battery running. There might also be a situation when all the power outlets are packed, so keep a good power bank handy to ensure your devices won’t run out of battery.

External Memory Storage:

Although devices nowadays are packed with excess internal storage, you can’t completely rely on them when it’s about your urgent work.  A single crash or system failure can delete a lot of work that took months to complete.

So, to protect this, an external device is what you need. External memory storage, like a USB flash drive or a hard drive, will provide the required backup of your work. It might even be good to consider a cloud backup system to sync all your data. This means, even if your system damage, your work will not be entirely lost.


If there’s one thing that international travelers are never guaranteed, it’s security. However, you can keep your belongings safe by using a set of padlocks. Most travelers recommend to opt for combination locks as the chances of key loss is high with other ones.

Digital nomad life is not all roses and wine; there are lots of struggles that come along. But, if you are prepared with the above things, things would be easier.

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