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Heather Kobler

Recently I watched the Vice Presidential debate and abortion was discussed by the interviewer and both candidates gave their opinions on the subject. Any time men discuss this issue, I am amazed by their stance. For women, feeling that she must have an abortion is one of the saddest things that she will ever have to face in her life. I know many women who faced this situation without the support of the fathers of their unborn children. Women who gave up a child because they were unwed, too young, or felt unable to be a single parent, starts parent and child off with a deficit that may most likely never be overcome.

This is what I know for sure; if a man goes out every night of the week and has sex with seven different women, all of his friends will call him “Lucky.” If a women does the very same thing, she will be called a slut, a whore or easy. How does this situation applaud the man’s behavior and punish the women for the same thing? I think this is called “the double edge sword”.

If there were a consequence for the men that impregnated women, the birth rate would go down drastically. A pregnancy is always looked at as the female’s problem, not a situation that was created by two people making a decision to have unprotected sex.

As far as I’m concerned, if you are personally opposed to abortion, you should never have one. But to take that option away from a woman would be an invasion of her own personal rights. Men act like they didn’t have anything to do with a pregnancy, which is false because the last time I checked, it takes two to tango! There is always a “back story” to every situation and without knowing the facts you should never judge.

Birth control has always been the female’s responsibility. In fact, at puberty the female is not only expected to keep her own hormones in check, she is also responsible for fending off the advances of a young man. We don’t educate our children early enough to understand that once you become sexually active, you are not going to stop being active. And for the female, once she begins to be active sexually, it’s open season on her reputation and character.

When it comes to rape, I have had hypothetical discussions with men and proposed this situation: If you and your wife are asleep and two men come in and tie you up and both men rape your wife and rob your home, which of you will have more physiological problems in six months?  Second scenario; you and your wife are asleep and two men come in and tie up your wife and both men rape you and rob the home. Which one of you will have more physiological problems in six months?  It will be the man in both cases. Men are horrified at the prospect of being violated by another man.

I don’t think men understand that a woman who’s been raped will most likely see herself as a victim for the rest of her life. The act of rape is a horrific thing for a female to endure. It will forever stay in her mind and even though she did nothing to cause this event, it will be brought up to her and others for the rest of her life.

Until it happens to you, you will never know what IT’S like. That goes for any situation that life could ever send your way. You can think anything you wish, but once it comes out your mouth there’s no telling who or how it will hurt others.

Thumper said it best: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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