Cheap and Quality Airport Parking With the Help of Parkos

Taking a flight is simple, cheap and as usual, today. Either for work or vacation reasons, it is normal to fly more than once a year, as well as decide it shortly in advance. This is, in part, possible thanks to the enormous proliferation of low-cost airport parking companies, which have not stopped multiplying their lines and destinations, launching offers at the most aggressive prices.


The rest of the companies have been forced to be more competitive as well, with the result of the democratization of this service that only a few could afford before. But why, on the contrary, the possibility of parking at the airport is still difficult and extremely expensive?

The urban transport alternative is also not an adequate solution in many cases. In the case of flying with children, when we go with a person with reduced mobility, for flights with very early schedules or when we need to carry special luggage, the public transport option is directly ruled out. In those cases, more than one uses friends or family to take them to the airport.

What is Parkos?

However, on many occasions, the last resort and the only inevitable ally to undertake the trip to the airport is the private car. Even if you are willing to pay astronomical figures, book cheap parking It is sometimes impossible if done on short notice. To solve all these problems, Parkos is born, a parking service comparator airport, which works similarly to other popular platforms to search for flights or rental cars. Parkos airport parking comes with low parking rates

How to Hire Parkos:

The way to hire parking is simple and fast: through any device with an Internet connection, visiting the Parkos website choosing the dates of delivery and collection of the car. In a matter of a few clicks, the customer will have a range of parking possibilities to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Services Provided By Parkos:

It is possible to choose between two base services, the delivery of the car at the departures terminal itself or the possibility of parking the car a few minutes from the airport. The second option includes in all cases a free shuttle bus service direct to the terminal.

In addition to the parking service, there are some extras offered by the company’s partners. Airport car parks like do you prefer that your car be parked in an enclosed area rather than in an outdoor parking lot? Are you interested in additional services such as interior or exterior car wash?

Would you like to take advantage of your absence to take the car to a mechanical check? Parkos contemplates all these options to offer a suitable solution to all users. In addition, it is possible to book online and pay with the credit card online, as well as do it in cash when delivering the vehicle.

About Parkos:

Parkos is present in the main European airfields and also in other countries, 500,000 customers have already tested the platform. The company, founded by a group of Dutch bloggers to solve the complaints of its readers, allows you to find long-stay car parks with the minimum price guaranteed and with the possibility to cancel or modify the reservation for free in case any unexpected.

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