New Scam: FreeFileViewer, MySearchDial, QuiKnowledge, Driver Support — Irritating Malware

Do you keep getting a popup that says “Free File Viewer available” or does your browser always open up to the “” website? Or do you get a message telling you that your driver is out of date? You may be a victim of malware!

I write this from my own sad experience. I offer this as a help but proceed at your own risk. It’s possible I may have missed a step or two (I don’t think so) but after I did the cleanup procedures, my computer seems to be fully restored.

There’s a new breed of malware (malicious software) out there and it’s called FreeFileViewer. DO NOT INSTALL this program. It claims to be your solution to reading .DAT files and other irregular extensions. It does but there is a huge trade-off. Before I installed it, I did a search on this and the web techs fell short in calling it a scam, a fraud, malware. Most said it was an “irritant.” Irritant is a mild way of saying this program is a freeware from hell!

When you download this executable file (FreeFileViewerSetup.exe) it will go through the regular channels of asking permission from the administrator of your computer (that’s usually YOU) and you think it’s so polite and cute and cuddly. But once you remove all restraints, it will do its dirty work. It will embed itself in all your browsers (specifically Firefox and Chrome) and you will start to see different colorful icons on your browser headers. You will also see that some key words in any webpage that you go to turn into live links. These links weren’t coded in by the web designer but these links were placed there by a bunch of programs that work together to make your life miserable. I got the nasty feeling that these programs were SPYWARE and were jotting down your every move, every page you visit and feeding that info to the “motherland.”

How to remove them. (using Windows 7)
The easiest way is to RESTORE your computer to a date prior to your installation of this software. If you don’t remember when you loaded it, go to the most recent date available and if you still see those pesky critters, repeat restore but go back even further.

If you want to do something less drastic, click on START –> Control Panel –> Programs –> uninstall a program. A list of all the programs of your computer will line up. To make it easy to figure out which are the new installed malware, click on the heading that reads “Installed On” so the most recent installations are at the top. Chances are all of the malware will appear at the top and will indicate that they are all installed on the same date.

Look for “Driver Support.” Uninstall that! Don’t worry, that isn’t a basic Windows program but a pretentious monster of a software that tells you you need to update your driver but before you can do that you will need to register (pay $$$). Think about it, why did those messages for a driver update suddenly appear when you’ve been using the same mouse, keyboard, etc.? Pretty suspicious, huh?

Then you need to get rid of all the other malware in that group including:
1) Google Talk Plug Ins, 2) FreeFileviewer, 3) mysearchdial, 4) quiknowledge. In some instances, you will get a message on how to uninstall the program. Don’t be fooled. The program was set up to bring up a website that will pretend to help but will only reinstall the problem. Just X out of that website and continue to terminate every single one of them.

The last 3 are embedded in your browsers. You will need to manually go to each of your browsers and delete the plug ins and extensions with similar names. Don’t just disable — remove them. I know, this is such a pain.

Lastly change your home page when you open your browser from their site to your original home page. This is their last hope of keeping you hostage. They will throw websites that look friendly and urgent but finish the job. If you don’t do this, you might reinstall them again. Do it in ALL your browsers.

After you’ve done all that, run your anti-virus program.

I hope this helps.


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