Have You Ever Gotten Logical With a Rock?

Heather Kobler

If you have, how’s that working out for you?  I am a big fan of happiness and the state of euphoria it creates. If being happy is a priority for you, you’re on the right track. If you allow yourself to achieve a state of happiness everything changes. Almost nothing becomes impossible because your prospective is not bogged down by negative people, feelings or emotions.

Surrounding yourself with people that you can be your authentic self with, is the gift that keeps on giving. Associating with people who are negative can drag you down because negativity is catching and should be avoided whenever possible. Knowing when to walk away from someone is part of your personal survival equipment.

We cannot fix other people because that’s their job. We can barely fix ourselves and changing your own behavior is possible and it’s a great way to spend your energy because there is a big payoff for moving toward that goal. It becomes the gift that keeps on giving and it stays with you all your life. It sort of like a renewable resource.

Our parents, family members, and others are supposed to teach us what to do, but sometimes they teach us what not to do! Some families have so much drama going on that it becomes a toxic environment. That circumstance should be avoided at all cost! It can be painful, but distancing yourself from some family members can become a must because of self-preservation! Also, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS, because they’re almost never wrong.  Walking away requires no explanation. If your antenna are vibrating, listen and exit the scene. That’s called – saving your life.

I grew up in Chicago with amazing parents who adored each other and us kids. When I came to Los Angeles, I knew instinctively that I had to create another family for myself. I was 25 years old, and I realized that you do not have to biologically link to people to make them your family. You just have to love, respect and admire them and THEY ARE YOUR FAMILY – FOR LIFE.

We are all writing the script of our lives. If you don’t like how things are going, just go into re-write. You can achieve any positive goal. Do not sabotage yourself, stay focused and keep gravitating toward the goals you set for yourself. Do not share your hope’s and dreams with anyone you think will rain on your parade. We all need cheer leaders, people who are in our corner cheering us on. Its soul food and it fills you up to your brim.

I can guarantee you that I stopped being logical with rocks a long time ago. Oh what a relief it is.

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  • Raoul on February 10, 2017 at 9:17 pm said:

    At first I was wondering what you meant about having a conversation with a rock. And then I realized you were referring to (maybe) Paul Simon’s song about a lonely heartless man who was a rock.

    So living with “rock” people bring you down is what we should avoid. I get it now. Good analogy.

    I know of a family where a husband had a mistress and the wife grew suspicious of men. She ingrained that fear towards her children and all her daughters after the affair was discovered grew up like that.

    Can I ask you a question? What do you think about children? Do you think they can change their spots? How old should they be to do this successfully?

    The daughters never married, never had a boyfriend, never had a date, essentially, they were rocks. Fortunately, they had each other so they could relate to each other.

    I’m sure there are others, maybe readers of Traveling Boy, who have gone through this life never experiencing romance. What can you say to them?

    Looking forward to your response.

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