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If you’re driving your car and arrive at an intersection, you are approaching one of the most dangerous places you can drive through. Cars and huge trucks are in front of you, next to you, behind you and you don’t know what they’re going to do. Will they turn in front of you without using their signals? Will someone T-Bone your car because they didn’t see the red light? Will someone rear end you because they’re texting or taking a phone call that could change your life forever?

Because driving a car is one of the most dangerous things you will ever have to do, you must be proactive and consider everything around you in the same way that you should in your private life. During our lives, we intersect with many people from all walks of life. Different situations can provoke life altering changes. Reading a book or seeing a movie can teach you things you never considered before. And things you are exposed to, can change your life for better or worse. The trick is to recognize when we are intersecting with someone or something that can change the trajectory of our life in a positive or negative way.

I believe that there are only two types of people, positive or negative. And, the negative ones should be avoided because they can suck the life blood out of your body just like a vampire! It is important to recognize this type of person and just simply say, “Excuse me” and walk away. We cannot change other people and we can barely change ourselves when we need to.

Have you ever thought about all the people who have walked in and out of your life? When we are young, we may barely recognize the changes that occur in our everyday lives. As we mature, we can outgrow each other because of our different life and work experiences.

We all need to understand that there is a beginning, a middle and an end to every relationship we will ever have. Sometimes we do not understand the significance that certain people and experiences have played in our lives until much later in life. However, we need to value the time spent with others. This is a bittersweet fact of life, because sometimes without realizing it, we can take people for granted.

People move away, change schools, change jobs, divorce and family and friends will die. All of these situations will cause us pain and sadness. I can remember in grammar school a dear friend told me her family was moving away from Chicago. When I let my mother know how sad I was about her leaving, she told me to be sure and get her mailing address so we could be pen-pals and stay in touch. I still write and call friends I went to school with 60 years ago.

I have the fondest memories of my family and all the teachers that adored and encouraged me throughout my school years. And all the older people who I adored because they had such wisdom and grace that they shared with me. I take this wisdom with me in all my life travels. There are times in our lives where is it necessary to change your mind, take a detour, make a U-turn, or back up, and/or have to make a new plan, Stan. Good luck in all your travels.

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