Long Flight Packing Tips: Essential Things to Bring in Your Carry-on Luggage

Most of the time, an overseas vacation can be very fun and exciting because you get to see new places you’ve never seen before.

Long Flight Packing Tips

But before you get to your destinations and explore new places, you should endure the grueling processes of air travel first. Not to mention that you need to survive in a tin can 40,000 feet above the ground.

While this may be easy when you’re just traveling to nearby destinations, withstanding a long-haul flight is a league of its own, especially if you’re flying coach.

We list a few essential things to bring on your carry-on in order to make your long-haul economy class flight a little more bearable:

1. Documents Needed for the Trip

One of the most essential stuff to bring in any overseas travel are your documents. This includes your passport, ticket, and itinerary details.

Though you won’t really need these during the flight, it’s important to have it in your carry-on at all times. That’s because this may be required upon entry in immigration checkpoints.

Details such as the address you’re staying at, as well as the names of the relatives you’re visiting, if any, should be noted in case the immigration officer requires these.

2. Medications and Prescriptions

Once your checked baggage is loaded onto the plane, there will be no way for you to access them until you arrive at your destination.

Any prescription medicine you need to take for the duration of your flight should be packed in your hand-carry bag. This also keeps your medicine safe should your worst nightmare become a reality and your bags get lost or delayed.

3. Universal Charger

Regardless of how strong your phone’s battery is, chances are you’d be using it so much during your 12-hour flight. Thus, you’ll likely run out of power before even reaching your destination.

Make sure that you have your charger with you in case you need to add more power to your device. Having a power bank with you is also a good idea, especially if you’ll be working on your laptop on-board.

4. Collapsible Water Bottle

Airplanes are notorious for having very dry air. This quickly dehydrates your lips and your skin to such a point that it can be irritating.

Bringing your own empty collapsible water bottle on board allows you to get water refills whenever you want during the flight without wasting single-use cups.

5. Valuables Items

Luggage theft has been rampant in many airports around the world ever since the boom of world travel. If you’re going to bring some expensive jewelry and electronic devices, see to it that it’s securely packed in your best carry-on luggage.

However, you might want to review the things you’ll bring on-board the aircraft as it might not fit in your carry-on bag. The size of allowable carry-on luggage can vary from airline to airline.

6. Digital or Non-electronic Entertainment

Without any other form of entertainment (other than looking out the window), you’ll basically be limited to just sitting on your sit for hours on end throughout your flight.

Make sure to bring some non-electronic forms of entertainment such as a book. If you’re planning to use your phone or a tablet as your primary entertainment companion during your flight, it might be a good idea to save your favorite films and games ahead of time as internet access on-board commonly costs money.

7. Toiletries

Even if you’re just seated for hours, you’d still need to refresh and touch-up, especially when it’s about time to land. Bring your hygiene essentials with you onboard so you can at least freshen-up before landing.8. Appropriate Clothing. One of the most important aspects that first-time travelers often forget is their clothing.

Of course, anyone would like to look their best when going through the airport. However, once you’re on the plane, the most important factor you should consider is your comfort.

You can either wear some comfortable yet good looking clothes even before you arrive at the airport or just bring another set of clothes for changing. You can always change your clothes again when it’s about time to land.

9. Satisfying Snack

Most airlines only serve snacks at designated times during your flight, which may not be as pleasant for everyone, especially for those who love to snack. If you’re one of those, bringing a satisfying snack along with you could be a good idea, too.

10. Inflatable Pillow

Flying long-haul in economy class – which has limited recline and just the right legroom depending on your height – can be very uncomfortable, and airlines know this.

To make more money, some airlines even sell their amenities such as a blanket and pillows just so they can generate more revenue. In order to avoid paying for more while keeping your flight conducive, it’s a good idea to bring your own pillow.

11. Earplugs or Noise-Canceling Headphones

A packed aircraft can easily accommodate more than a hundred passengers on a single flight.

This means you’ll be mixed together with a wide range of passenger types. Some may be on their own, and some might even be flying with a toddler.

When babies throw a tantrum and become noisy in the flight, a pair of earplugs or noise-canceling headphones will come very handy.

12. Compression Socks

In case you didn’t know, sitting for long hours with very minimal stretching can cause soreness on your feet, especially because blood circulation becomes restricted in some areas. To keep your feet warm and safe from Deep Vein Thrombosis (which has synonymously been called the “economy class syndrome”), make sure to bring a pair of compression socks.


With the right stuff on your carry-on bag and with the right mindset, you can create awesome memories even before you reach your destination. Flying can be a daunting part of travel, but it can actually become a pleasing experience when you do it right.

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