Car Show in Whittier, California


One thing about Californians —- they love cars. In fact, Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter, grew up in Whittier California. His father was the Parts Manager of a Chevy dealership in Whittier. I can imagine John running around his

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Prejudice and Food for Thought

I was taught (by illustration) that prejudice was somebody else’s leftover garbage and it stinks! If you are prejudice towards another ethnic or religious group, there is more than a good possibility that someone passed on that bias to you

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Valentine’s Day and Love

Throughout my life, I have told whoever would listen to me, over and over again, that LOVE IS THE ANSWER. And if you’re lucky, love is always in your heart and on your mind all the time. Not just for

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The 65’ Mustang

(Originally written by Heather Kobler in 2002) My husband drives a 65” Mustang. That makes it a 37 year old car and he wouldn’t have a new one if you were giving them away! It’s not fancy and it isn’t

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Going Into Business

Dear Heather, I am thinking about going into business for myself and I am wondering whether I should do this on my own or with a partner. What do you think? Mike T. If you can do it alone, I

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Dear Heather, I am a twenty two year old college student and my boyfriend and I are not married. Recently, I became pregnant and neither of us are ready to be married or become parents. I spoke with both my

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Dear Heather, My husband has been offered the “Job of a Lifetime”, but it would involve moving from the east coast to Los Angeles. I would be leaving my family and many friendships behind. I’m a stay at home mom

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Good Grief

Dear Heather, I am a single mom who lost her only child more than a year ago. There are still some days when I find myself all alone and weeping loudly. I’m afraid that I’m not able to handle the

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Some Things to Remember

SOME THINGS TO REMEMBER Your presence is a present to the world. You are unique and one of a kind. Your life can be what you want it to be. Live one day at a time.

Memories Are Made of This

Dear Heather, My husband of more than 40 years passed away about a year ago. I’m struggling to cope with feelings of loneliness. What has helped you deal with your situation? Lonely Widow Dear Lonely Widow, My husband died on December 6th,

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