Re-Invention May Be the Mother of Necessity

Heather Kobler

Dear Heather,

I recently lost my job after working so many years for a company. I’m finding it very difficult to find a new job and consequently am going through depression. What would you advise for someone in my situation?

Out of Work

Dear Out of Work,

Recently a friend of mine mentioned that his friend had been laid off by an aerospace company after many years of employment.  He was concerned how this would affect his friend’s future.  My comment was, “He’ll just have to re-invent himself”.  I know from personal experience that this can happen to anyone, because it happened to me!   And… it turned out to me one of the best things that ever happened to me.  It took me into a field I’d never dreamt I could work in and I am living happily ever after because of the BUMP that came my way.

A large part of our self-esteem comes from the work that you do.  It has little to do with how much money you make.   It’s how much you enjoy the work you do.  And after losing a long term position, both men and women can suffer a deep depression. The work we do provides income and defines how we feel about ourselves.  Without work, we can really spiral out of control and it can affect every relation you have.  It doesn’t matter what your I.Q. is because what you need now is to take a personal inventory and re-invent yourself.  Be pragmatic about this and ask yourself this; “If I had a magic wand and I could have any job I wanted, what would it be”?   What advice would you give a friend if this happened to someone you know?

If you can think about this as your newest project and look at it from a creative stand point by taking a self-inventory of yourself, and asking this; “How can I take the talent and know how I have, and translate it into a new field”?   Being a consultant or instructor in the field you have the most experience in, would be one of the first things I would consider.  Networking with associate’s you have known throughout your career and working as a temporary employee until you are “balanced” again could be a starting point.

Do not relate to anyone who might “rain on your parade”.  You want to be around people who are in your fan club, that want you to live happily ever after.  Think “Out of the box”.  Brain storm with people you admire and ask them how they would handle this situation if it happened to them.  Something someone says, or something you read can light your fire again and put you on the right path to a new job where all your talent can be utilized.

Allowing yourself to be passionate about life in general is an important thing and being in love (I think) is the answer to everything.  Giving and receiving affection is very important when you feel like you’re running on empty.  Remember this; don’t ask for a hug, give someone a hug, because when you give a hug, you get a hug.

You are writing the script of your life and if you don’t like how things are going, you have to go into re-write.

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