Water Under the Bridge

Life is like water under a bridge when it comes to all the memories we accumulate in a lifetime.  I re-connected with a childhood friend of my children on Facebook which also reunited me with his mother Chris too.  Our

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Getting Old Isn’t For Sissies

It’s almost eight years since my amazing husband Sig passed away. I will love him for the rest of my life.  He doesn’t even have to be here for me to continue to feel this way.  Thankfully, I am coasting

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The First Four Minutes

It doesn’t matter whether its morning, noon, or night. It is those first four minutes when you see someone that are the most important moments of your day. These few minutes will dictate not only how their day will go,

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If you’re driving your car and arrive at an intersection, you are approaching one of the most dangerous places you can drive through. Cars and huge trucks are in front of you, next to you, behind you and you don’t

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Valentine’s Day and Love

Throughout my life, I have told whoever would listen to me, over and over again, that LOVE IS THE ANSWER. And if you’re lucky, love is always in your heart and on your mind all the time. Not just for

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Some Things to Remember

SOME THINGS TO REMEMBER Your presence is a present to the world. You are unique and one of a kind. Your life can be what you want it to be. Live one day at a time.