The 65’ Mustang

Heather Kobler

(Originally written by Heather Kobler in 2002)

My husband drives a 65” Mustang. That makes it a 37 year old car and he wouldn’t have a new one if you were giving them away! It’s not fancy and it isn’t fast, it just gets him from Point A to Point B and he likes it like that.

Now me, I think the car is a death trap and luckily I only ride in it rarely. Getting in and out of this vehicle is a challenge. You must open and close the doors carefully or else some weird calamity develops. When it rains the car becomes something like a Gondola. But people are lined up to buy it if it ever goes on the market!

Watching the glazed look in his eyes when he looks at “His ride”, is something akin to him seeing Marilyn Monroe walking past him! When I mention buying something newer he gets upset!  “I love this car, and there’s nothing wrong with it”! (Not true, as I make frequent trips to get Mustang parts). He loves the squeaky noises that the car makes and I know when to put dinner on the table because I can hear him coming a block away!

There must be something special about old things. He can watch old cowboy movies over and over (and tell you the plot verbatim) or watch a golf game that was played 45 years ago as if the action was taking place right now! He’s even been known to wake me up at 3:00 a.m. to let me know that Audie Murphy is on again!

He hates buying new clothes and continues to wear the same old faded pants, shirts and socks and his underwear are nightmare #101. When he does buy new underwear, he systemically stretches each pair to its limits because he can’t stand anything tight. He really should consider suspenders for the old ones because when he takes off his pants at night, his underwear just drop down to the floor!

He very sentimental and still has all the letters my mother sent him while he was overseas in the service more than 40 years ago. He has saved every little love note I’ve ever written to him.  Adores our children, values his friends and clients he’s had for decades. That makes him my kind of guy!

In the end, I guess I’m lucky that he likes the “older models”, because I come under that classification!

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