There Is a “Coming Together” on This Planet

Heather Kobler

After all the hoopla of the election, I think that America and other nations are starting to come together for a common goal which is to not blow up this planet and destroy the human race!

Whether you voted for Trump or not, I think we need to give him a chance to achieve some of the goals he has set for his term in office. So far, he has surrounded himself with some of the most distinguished men and women from both parties to fill his cabinet posts. And it looks like other nations are catching on to the momentum and they are starting to do things a little different.

I have supported every President elected in my lifetime whether I voted for them or not, because that’s the American way. But somehow, people are having a hard time accepting the outcome of the election. I’m surprised that President Obama has not addressed the nation regarding this situation.

Trump is reaching out to nations that have not been acknowledged for decades and wants to work the world’s leaders to achieve a common goal. Peace on earth and goodwill to men.

We all live on the same beautiful marble and we have to take care of the earth so it can keep on taking care of us. We have so many REAL PROBLEMS that we need to resolve instead of spending time sitting on a couch sucking our thumbs! Get on with it! DO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS!  Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

There are diseases that need to be cured, people who need jobs, housing, and affordable health care. Not to mention how we’re going get rid of all the garbage we create! We are foaling up the oceans and the air we breathe and if we don’t change the way we do things and start conserving our resources, what a horrible legacy we will leave behind for our children and grandchildren.

We come in several colors, sizes and shapes. But we are more alike than we are different. And, we all have one thing in common: Nuts and bolts, up’s or down’s, we all live on this big beautiful blue marble together.  Respect the earth and yourself and we will all celebrate many Happy New Year’s TOGETHER, NOT APART!


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