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Heather Kobler

The aftermath of the latest shooting by a Policeman who was trying to stop someone who was armed with a gun in Milwaukee illustrates the importance of stopping when asked to stop! Even I know the protocol I should follow if I am stopped for any reason by the Police.

We cannot change the color of our skin, but we can change our attitudes. You would not plan a long trip without filling up your gas tank and packing the things necessary for the trip. Educating yourself ahead of a situation is like having a full tank of gas.

There is no action without a reaction, and understanding this involves critical thinking. Developing this skill is something parents need to teach children, but today a family may only have a single parent and providing for children can be overwhelming.chastitybelt

A two parent family is ideal because your mate “has your back.” It takes energy to make time to listen to your children, put food on the table, keep your home clean, pay your bills and keep up with the wash! These things do not get done by themselves.

Teen pregnancy has gone down, but we still need to help our sons and daughters understand that unprotected sex will create problems that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Men could help this situation by taking some responsibility for birth control. Young people are not going to abstain from sex, so the best plan is to educate them so they don’t develop STD’S or produce unwanted children that they are not equipped to raise. My friend said women should wear chastity belts and I said that didn’t seem fair. She said, “Let them both wear chastity belts!  I loved to see that cartoon!

Having children without a partner is setting you and your children up for failure so you will never reach your own potential as a person. Finishing school while working to achieve goals you have set up for yourself is one of the smartest moves a person can make. Everything you want will cost money and having a savings account to use while you travel and get an idea of who you really are is something every young person should try.

Wanderlust is a magical thing and if everyone had the opportunity to do that, the rest of your life would probably improve because of that life experience. Seeing different parts of the world and getting a different prospective expands your horizons. It’s like seeing in Cinemascope!

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