What can you do alongside TEFL to earn a bit extra and have fun at the same time?

One of the great things about TEFL is that a lot of the overseas posts are not full time. Before you panic and wonder how you will make ends meet, a lot of jobs come with flights and accommodation already paid for and so financially, you can be quite comfortable but if you are keen to save some extra money or just want more occupation in your day, here are some clever ideas to run alongside your main TEFL post:-


  • See if you can pick up extra sessions privately amongst the students you teach.  If you are working with young people, they may have siblings at home who are keen to benefit from extra tuition.  Some cultures are very keen to welcome teachers into their home – you might find you have real novelty value. Equally, you may also find prospective pupils amongst your colleagues who may have a particular requirement to improve their English language skills.  Tactfully let it be known that you are available for extracurricular sessions
  • You can offer your services to local HE colleges or other educational centers.  Once you are already teaching in a credible post it is much easier to access other work
  • Teach online via Skype, you can tutor students anywhere in the world although it is easier to stay within your current time zone for obvious reasons
  • Take the plunge and try and learn some of the local lingoes, you will be amazed at how easy it is to pick up.  Grab yourself some casual work such as retail or bar work particularly if you are in a holiday area, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and make new friends
  • Make a Vlog where you capture some of your classroom work and bring in other students online.  You can mix it up with some interesting facts about your current location, there are tons of potential
  • Write and publish an online blog.  There are lots of travel diaries which are very successful but you could really add some excitement if you have the time and the creativity to include points of interest, great photos, and funny stories
  • Take up a new interest or hobby, even better if it is something specific to the area you are living in.  With your accommodation sorted and a part-time job, you may find yourself with enough time on your hands to pick up some pastimes and pursuits that you have always promised yourself
  • Acquire one skill other than language which is new to you and truly representative of the place you are staying in, it is the best souvenir of your time there and one which will stay with you for always

TEFL time will represent a unique moment in your life when you will find yourself in foreign climes with possibly the time to get involved in something interesting and unusual.  This is so much better than a holiday when you don’t really scratch the surface of a place.

TEFL offers you the chance to integrate into new cultures and whether you are driven to seek activity because you have spare time or, you want to earn some extra cash, you will find loads of diverse and unusual options.

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