What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What is it with men? They love to show off. They’re brilliant in fixing things. They’re fearless to a fault. They’re lazy and would rather get things done quickly than safely. Is this why insurance rates for men are so much higher than women? Thank you Naomi of North Hollywood for sharing these photos.

You know the really scary thing about it? I can see myself doing this.

“Ass I was saying …”


It helps when you don’t know how to read.




I knew I shoulda grown a bonsai.




I’m so excited! I got this on sale! You’ll be the envy of your school — the only kid who has a trampoline!



Who needs a ladder when you’re having fun? Oh honey? Can you get the door?


GoWrong6Don’t worry. I’ve got this! I can do this in my “slip” … I mean …”sleep”.


GoWrong5Management can’t say I didn’t wear a helmet!



GoWrong8Are you sure you put enough weight on your side?



Don’t you just love Teamwork? We work together. We die together!




Yeehaa!!! This is the life! Isn’t it Charlie? … Charlie? …. Have you seen Charlie?


GoWrong12Who needs goggles when you’ve got a plastic bag? And if the sparks melt the plastic, at least then I can breathe!


GoWrong11Don’t worry, I don’t intend to have any more kids.


GoWrong14Don’t worry. I’ll hold on to this.


GoWrong13Who needs a helmet when you’ve got a paint can? Say ,,, do you think I should patent this?


GoWrong15So what if I’m 300 pounds? This glas was designed to carry a weight of 300.1 pounds!


GoWrong17My wife will be so happy I got this cleaned.


GoWrong16Of course I know what a guillotine is. Why’d you ask?

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