World’s Best Cruising Destinations

There are places in the world that can only be reached and experienced on a cruise. Although airlines and trains have now opened up access to thousands of new destinations, there are still countries that are only accessible by sea.

In most cases, getting on a cruise is just the best way to enjoy those places. By relying on professional cruise lines such as Aqua Expeditions, you won’t have to worry about booking tours, buying tickets for major attractions, nor finding the best places to try the local food.

If you are going to book your next cruise, and you are looking for the most exotic, popular, or romantic destinations for your holidays, here you will find all the information you need. Are you ready to visit some new, incredible places all around the world? Here are our suggestions on the world’s most popular destinations that should be visited on a cruise.

Peru Amazon

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In many tropical countries, including Peru, shamans still play a preeminent role in the everyday life of indigenous communities. They watch over the health and safety of their people and, through their rituals and remedies, they heal and protect whoever is in need.

One of the most suggestive and evocative experiences that you can partake while exploring the jungle on your cruise is one of those rituals. The most important one is the blessing, during which you can understand how much elders and shamans care for the members of their community.

South Georgia

This remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean isn’t particularly famous for its beautiful weather. In fact, at first glance, travelers may not like this windy and somewhat inhospitable place. However, this is where the largest king penguin colony in the world… and we all love penguins.

Since there are no landing strips, helicopters and airplanes cannot make it to this destination. If you wish to say hello to the penguins and to explore one of the most picturesque places in the world, booking a cruise is your only chance.


Beautiful rainforest, heartbreaking mountains, and one of the most diverse wildlife in the world. With these premises, it does not surprise that Borneo is in all travelers’ bucket list! Besides, this destination is the ultimate vacation for animal lovers. In fact, here you can have your chance to encounter the orangutan.

This species is now endangered, and it doesn’t like to get too close to humans. Nevertheless, you can still try to spot an orangutan while you sip your cocktail on board. While you are there, don’t forget to book a tour to Kota Kinabalu, to explore the coral islands and, if you can’t get enough of these animals, the orangutan sanctuary at Sepilok.


Grab your fur hat and get ready: Russia is waiting for you. The majority of cruise lines offer an overview of both Moscow and St. Petersburg, along with this country’s network of rivers and canals. You can thus visit the Kremlin and Red Square, and even buy a ticket for a ballet performance in the city center.

You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the Volga-Baltic Waterway, across the Lake Onega and Ladoga. On the other end, if you are craving new adventures, you can choose a completely different experience and explore Wrangel Island in the High Arctic.

This is the realm of polar bears, Arctic foxes, and snow geese, and this is where majestic mammoths once lived. However, only a few vessels and ships can get the special permit required to visit this area.

The Danube

Have you ever been on a river cruise ship? If this is your first time, you should definitely sail the Danube. This river connects three European capitals and flows through forests, gorges, mountains, and vineyards.

The Nile

If you were intrigued by Ancient Egypt as a child, you can now retrace the steps of this historic population by choosing a cruise along the Nile. This is one of the best voyages you can book for yourself and your family.


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You will learn about ancient history, discover the secrets of tombs, and see mesmerizing 4,000-year old temples. To make your trip more romantic, you can fly south to watch the sunrise over the temple of Abu Simbel. Otherwise, you should definitely spend a few days in Cairo to visit the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum.

The Ganges

Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, and Nepal: these are only a few of the places in which riversides are part of the Ganges network. This is a profoundly spiritual experience, to be enjoyed while lulled by the aroma of incense and the taste of the delicious local food.

Don’t forget to try a potted history lesson or to join a meditation class. Many travelers visit these places to find themselves, and this may be your opportunity to learn more about your spirit, other than to enjoy one of the best journeys of your life.

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