Someone Cares


What can I say? I'm rushing this edition again. I just returned from a children's party. I wanted to go home sooner but I didn't want to make the host feel bad. The Mom worked so hard for this party.

Last Saturday I went to a wedding, Sunday I spent the whole day with my wife car shopping; Monday I was doing mostly catch up work and later got dumped with a big seasonal newsletter; Tuesday I had a day full of meetings ... met a potential client --- a hyper inventor, entrepreneur; Wednesday several of my clients called for their concerns, Thursday I finished up the big project and late afternoon I was in this birthday party.

I thought I was super busy but when I looked at the Mom who prepared this party I knew she was far more stressed than me. She had me babysit while she picked up the food and cake; she had not slept since her nightshift and she was off again for another all-nighter after the party.

Sounds crazy, huh? Her young kids will never remember this party, right? But what if they do? Looking back, I was just like that with my own kids. Weren't you just like that with yours? If you're still single, remember, you will also do crazy things like us. Sorry, this is part of nature. Why do we do it? Because we love our kids. No room for logic here. And if it means being called crazy then I guess we are.

Wisdom from Scott of Deerfield,
North Carolina

Words of Wisdom

We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves.
--- Eric Hoffer


Thanks to this week's winners:
Tom of Pasadena, CA; Mike and Charlie of New York; Don of Kelowna, Cheryl of Arcadia; Ernie of New York; Scott of Deerfield; Katinka of Taguig

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Someone Cares
sent by Scott of Deerfield, North Carolina (I think)

I want you to know that someone cares.

NOT ME! but someone.

Videos of the week: (click on the picture)

Adorable Animal Thieves
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

Adorable Animal Thieves

Love animals? Mischievous animals?
You'll get a kick out of this video.
Dig that dramatic background music.

The Philippines as seen by the BBC
Contributed by Katinka of Taguig City, Philippines

BBC - THe Philippines

Why travel to the Philippines? There are several reasons why. This British reporter explains why he likes this archipelago of 7,107 islands. Lest you think this is an exaggeration, last Saturday I met Marilyn whose family owns one of those islands. She says the TV show Survivor was filmed there several times. I had a classmate whose family owned another island but says it is underwater certain months of the year.

Dancing Around the World
Contributed by Ernie of New York

Dancing Around the World

Matt's back! The traveling quirky dancer is back.
Am I imagining this or is he actually getting better at dancing? There even seems to be some real choreography going on here.

How Great Thou Art Accompanied by Great Big Drums
Contributed by Charlie of New York

How Great THou Art Drums

The music's pretty awesome and unique but I don't think it captures what this performance must be like live. I'd like to feel those vibrations live. I bet it's earth-shattering.

Marathon for the Fallen Soldiers of Afghanistan
Contributed by Charlie of New York

Marathon for Fal;len Afghanistan soldiers

A marathon a day for 81 straight days in honor of our brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

A Little Bit of England in New York --- Literally!
Contributed by Mike of New York

Britain in New York

No joke! This is an interesting bit of trivia about how two cities - Bristol, South England and New York city share some interesting materials ... very expensive materials, if you think about it.

Crazy Circle Illusion
Contributed by Don of Kewlona, B.C.

Flight Attendant Stand up comedian

This video is better watched than explained.
Proves that there's more than one way to explain physics in nature. I'm wondering if this can be applied in some natural phenomenon ... an explanation in stellar movements in Astronomy or the behaviour of micro organisms.

Chili Eating Orchestra
Contributed by Cheryl of Arcadia, CA and Charlie of New York

Hot chili orchestra

What can I say? The music's okay but not unususally fantastic but it's got an interesting element to it. The formula: Mix two ordinary incongruous activities and capture it digitally and you might just create a viral video.

The Coolest Workout Routine Ever
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

halloween costumes

How cool is this? I wish I could move like this guy. You know what? He might actually be on to something. I should try it the next time I got on one of these machines. TGIF People!


I care!

Thanks for the laughs. And you've gotten more vulnerable sharing about your family, which I enjoy very much. Hope you have a great Friday!

Oh, I know what I was going to tell you: last week, when I saw "Blonde Painting", I thought "Of course! Raoul's little lady is a blonde!" I hadn't thought about it, but it makes perfect sense.


Hi Raoul,

That is an interesting observation and you are right on about birthday parties being remembered or not. We raised six children and the primary reason we remember all those birthday parties - (and there were a bunch) and celebrations is because of the pictures in our albums. However what the 'kids' all remember and talk about is not their birthday parties - and us too - but all our family vacations together; it was truly a family affair. at the beginning of each year we would plan and calendar out our family vacation, in those days based around school vacations. Often our vacations were to visit family in Michigan or Mexico, a Church Family Camp or a vacation wrapped around a Jaycee Convention in those years. When we get together now for holidays or birthday celebrations, invariably a fun vacation time is mentioned; or not so fun as when one of the kids got left behind temporarily; as a parent of course that is a traumatic memory. The one consoling thought is that if Mary and Joseph could leave Jesus behind, we just might not have been so completely terrible as parents! Of course they only had two sons, Jesus and James (the 1/2 brother of Jesus) to look after, not six- so what was their excuse? Really?! But you are correct we do these events because we love our kids! I look at the party pics and see the difference on the look of stress on the face of the mom and the opposite indifference look on the face of the birthday child!

I'll share a couple of adult memorable birthday party stories another time.

Thank you, be blessed.

(:>}) - Chuck

O busy you. Wish I were there to be busy with you. It would give me the feeling about being alive and needed.


Thanks Raoul! I especially liked the piece on the Philippines. Fascinating place and people.


Good Morning Raoul and TGIF!!! That is so great you were able to use my joke this week!!! And you know what is funny??? You were close... it is Deerfield, NH not NC... the funny part... I am in Chesapeake VA at a hotel and driving to Moyock NC each day for my training at the old Blackwater facility - it's where all the Special Forces get trained and re-trained, an amazing facility which I am honored to be here! I need to do my annual Combat Readiness training so I can go back to work soon. So anyways, I am reading this TGIF and I see the "Scott of Deerfield NC" and I thought... hmmm is there a "Deerfield North Carolina"??? Maybe just for giggles I should look it up and go visit there today after my classes, and huh... that's cool, it's another "Scott" too!!! LOL!!! Then I saw the "???" after the NC and read the joke and realized it was me! LOL!!! Just kinda funny because it just so happens I am actually IN North Carolina all this week... Hope I come across more material and will be sure to send your way... TGIF my Friend!!!


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