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February 2, 2018

Is it just me, or has music just gotten worse? Am I just being an old fogey? Back when the world stepped into the 21st century, the logo I designed for the GRAMMY awards was posted all over the globe. I have not watched the GRAMMY awards since then so last Sunday I thought I'd see what our current crop of musicians were up to. Boy what a let down.

Is it any surprise that the GRAMMY viewership is at an all time low? There was no redeeming value I got out of that program. The fashion show was flamboyantly trashy, the dancing was an unimaginative jerking line dance, the music was formulaic, everyone was trying to "outcool" each other and the message was more political than musical.

If this is the pinnacle of the industry, that says volumes about our society --- the people in power in the industry and the people who feed that cultural machinery. It's the blind leading the blind --- celebrities reassuring each other "not to worry if you have no substance --- we don't have any substance either! Join the party!" A celebration of the almighty Self --- Godless is what it boils down to.

And what about the acceptance speeches? "Yo! I thanks mah manejer and mah bros like wow man! Is dis for reals?!?"

A billion dollar budget funneled to America's education system and these weirdos are the product of that?!? We eez in trouble now!

It's a celebration of the Kardashian culture of expensive trash and unbelievable stupidity --- can't talk straight, can't dress straight and can't think straight.

Am I being too judgmental? Sorry. I just feel that someone has to lay out a truth that most are too polite to mention.

Despite all that, there is hope. I've talked to quite a few millennials and you'll be surprised that they are familiar with our "old songs". Their parents played them when they were growing up. Many of the youth realize that their current music sucks. What a relief that they aren't fooled by this charade. (Not that the oldies were perfect ... but they're a notch above the current genre --- at least that's what I think.) The oldies had actual lyrics, a proper bar of notes, with a crescendo, a fortissimo and a positive message. Right?

From one old fogey to another do you think our music was a little better? Let's not be ashamed of it. Let's encourage these young people to be musically creative. The GRAMMYs need not dictate who they are. Ask them what they think about the music they are exposed to. Remind them of the alternative sound of respect, decency and well crafted music.

"A family with an old person has a living treasure of gold"
--- Chinese proverb

TGIF people!

Contributed by Naomi of North Hollywood, CA

When a Cat Crashes His Bicycle in His Sleep?
Sent by Art of Sierra Madre, CA

Positive proof that animals dream. Pretty cute.

Sniper Prank in the Hood
Sent by Art of Sierra Madre, CA

"The suspect is in your sight. We've been compromised. Take the shot! Take the shot!"

Parting Shot
Thanks to Art of Sierra Madre who shared this photo



Sniper prank in the hood.... setting up people to fear for their life in your country where who knows how many people carry guns. That guy in your video setting people up is lucky he didn't get shot. If America thinks this is a funny prank no wonder nobody seems to give a shit about the victims of gun crimes or want to do anything to change the situation. I just don't even get how you think this even might be vaguely funny.

Erin in Australia

... Don’t get me started about what passes as music currently. Is it a crime to want a melody?

Best regards,

David L, Massachusetts

Sad to say I agree with your observations of the Grammy's. However we barely watched them for more than a minute or two - once or twice while we were escaping commercials. When a commercial comes on I automatically change the channel - also if they start airing news about English Royalty I do the same. Can't change it fast enough. I only know of one hero that is worth worshipping! However your most true quote was this - "Join the party! A celebration of the almighty Self --- Godless is what it boils down to". Which I agree with. We always loved Christian Hymns, and when the new Christian Radio started airing Amy Grant and that genre of music we really listen to it a lot. That was fueled in part by the Calvary Chapel music worship. I grew up listening to rock n roll starting in in my youth in the late 60's and 70's and really loved it. Recently we started occasionally watching the re-runs of the Ed Sullivan Show. I didn't realize how daffy and inane many of those hits were! My youth! The later music was plain evil - and Godless and some of that too showed up on the Sullivan Show. This generation confuses 'love' with 'sex'. That is the new freedom. Many of the men have taken some honest bashing because of their abuse of power and women - and rightfully so and it is about time. On a more cautious note I will comment the male news commentators and weather men for their professional dress on TV. Suits and Ties up around their necks. I say that an entertainer that is good (and many so called news men are actually just good readers and entertainers in my way of seeing things) don't have to perform in the near nude. Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Kate Smith, just to name a few, always preformed fully clothed and were loved by the public. More to say on this in the future. I recall Chuck Smith in one of his teachings said the thought that rock and roll was evil! At the time when I heard him say that I questioned it. He could be right.


(:>}) - Chuck

Kudos to you. You are speaking for the masses, for sure.

Heather, Whittier, CA

I watched the entire show. My first disappointment was when James Gordon, the host and a very funny guy, did not have an opening monologue. My second disappointment was the opening number, which displayed no talent and was gross and at times vulgar. I had taped the show so was able to fast-forward through the rap “music” and many mediocre performances. However, I’m glad I stuck it out until the end because I was witness to one of the most beautiful performances I ever saw: Patti LuPone singing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.” It was mesmerizing!

Lois, Whittier, CA

Thanks for TGIF. I always appreciate your efforts.

I agree with you about trashy fashions and rubbish music, and people who appear shallow and self centered.

Ann, Portland (?)


I stopped watching all award shows due to the political nastiness they have.
I am extremely impressed in your logo.

As for poor grammar, I copied this from an e-mail response I received regarding a problem with a blue collection box.

(X X Not to be shared X X )

The e-mail ended with a phone number for me to call. Every time I have called the number, no one answered.

Finally, the “sniper prank” was in poor taste.
Some people might be inspired to try it. There are enough problems with fools pointing laser pointers at aircraft.

Take care.


Hi Bro,
This political messages are now included in all the awards shows. And you are dead-on with regards to the lack of education or at least the attempt to make it look that way. This carries over to a large number of sports professionals as well. Ugh! Where are the role models?
Have a good week and thanks for the TGIF!

Rick, Chino Hills, CA

I have to agree with you with your assessment of today's "music" and the Grammys. It is nice to know that I am not alone! Here the newspaper was touting that the Grammys were finally "catching up with the times" by including the music that is "most popular" today - namely, Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop - three of my LEAST favorite genres of music! I not only didn't watch this year's Grammys, but - for the first time - I boycotted buying the 2018 Grammy Compilation CD!

So I guess we old fogeys better stick together! Thanks for a thought-provoking piece!

Cheryl, Temple City, CA

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