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The Traveling Boitanos

n July 5th, 2007, fourteen Boitano siblings met for the first time at a Boitano family reunion at Forks, Washington. Their only link --- and completely unbeknownst to one another --- the same father. The centerpiece of the reunion was the 80th birthday celebration of Floyd Boitano. Despite having different mothers and having been raised in entirely different environments, all fourteen siblings exhibited certain common traits and possessed almost an uncanny resemblance to one another. Occasionally an argument would break out among the group as to who was really who among the siblings, and patriarch Floyd -– the only one who could really tell each of them apart –- would quietly intervene. As the siblings casually got to know one another over a carefree day of pot luck casseroles, lawn acrobatics and cut-throat games of bocce, they realized that they all shared a keen interest in travel. It became obvious that the well-traveled Floyd Boitano genes were strong and that the Boitano family was finally becoming one.

At the end of the day, the group decided to create a FAMILY NEWSLETTER, in an attempt to stay in contact with one another. The newsletter evolved into TravelingBoy.Com.

Since then, two other ‘lost’ Boitanos have contacted us and joined the reunited family. Time will tell if there are other Boitanos out there. If so, contact us at

The website is dedicated to Floyd Boitano, and the many mothers who helped make TRAVELING BOY possible.

The Reunited Boitano Family
  • Edward Boitano
  • Allan Smith Boitano
  • Tamara Lelie Boitano
  • Jim Friend Boitano
  • James Thomas Boitano
  • Deb Roskamp Boitano
  • Terry Cassel Boitano
  • Roger Fallihee Boitano
  • Joel Polinsky Boitano
  • Jeff Fried Boitano
  • Eric Anderson Boitano
  • Herb Chase Boitano
  • Ringo Boitano
  • Raoul Pascual Boitano
  • Timothy Mattox Boitano
  • John Clayton Boitano
  • Brom Wikstrom Boitano
  • Corinna Lothar Boitano
  • Dette Pascual Boitano
  • Beverly Cohn Boitano

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