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Under Doctor's Orders:

Story and photos by Tom Weber

sign on the entrance to Molveno

o matter the language you speak, Molveno – the camera-ready, picture-postcard perfect, lakeside village at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites in the vast Adamello Brenta Nature Park of Italy's Trentino Alto Adige region – will welcome you, and countless other visitors from around the globe, with open arms.

the Lago di Molveno or Lake Molveno with the village in the background

Molveno's a jewel of a locale – actually a pearl, according to the late Antonio Fogazzaro, a 19th century Italian novelist – with the snow-capped peaks above reflecting off the glassy surface of the town's namesake lake, Lago di Molveno, below.

It was here in tiny Molveno that tourism was first introduced into the Trentino, and has attracted many a VIP from international high society, including King Albert I of Belgium who was a frequent guest and enjoyed blending in anonymously with the locals.

scenes around Lake Molvemo

Lago di Molveno, formed about three millennia ago, is the second largest natural lake in the Trentino side of Italy's northernmost region, and one of the bluest bodies of water I've ever seen.

more scenes around Lake Molveno

During summertime, the lake is used for swimming, sailing, canoeing and windsurfing. And its lush green park, with loads of picnic tables and benches, is the ideal place to relax, bask in the sun, and lay out a checkered tablecloth with all the fixins.

scenery at the Mount Pradel Plateau

A ski lift, located in the center of town, glides visitors directly to the top of the Mount Pradel Plateau (1,400m), where numerous hiking trails and fixed-rope sentieri (footpaths) begin. Unfortunately, the lift is currently out of commission, but it'll be back in operation for the start of the winter season. So, it looks like I'll be going up the old-fashioned way, on foot, to get a panoramic view of the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites.

the the bandiera arancione (orange flag) of the Italian Touring Club and more scenes around Molveno

Meanwhile, back down at lake level, Molveno proudly waves the bandiera arancione (orange flag) of the Italian Touring Club, symbolic of the town's high quality, environmentally sound tourism. It goes without saying that Molveno's squeaky-clean appearance and tranquil setting are the major draws for this community of just over 1,100 year-round residents.

This being in between the summer and winter tourist seasons, Molveno is now tucked under the covers of a well-deserved hibernation, and that probably explains why my lenses and I pretty much had the lake and the village all to ourselves.

To learn more about the picturesque Trentino area, including Molveno and its lake, visit the Department for Tourism and Promotion's English-language website.

Next up on Under Doctor's Orders, a tiny little hamlet tucked quietly away where the llamas roam free and a Marian apparition is linked to its past: Deggia.

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Let Tom know what you think about his traveling adventure.

* * * * *

Feedback for Destination Bosnia: Inside Sarajevo's Tunnel of Hope

Spent time in Sarajevo in the fall of 1973…beer was excellent!

--- David

* * * *

Hi Tom,

I must say, you're photographs are always amazing. They are top notch. You bring so much class to Traveling Boy. It's photographs like yours that make me want to go out and do my own traveling. Please don't get tired of sending us your amazing adventures. It's such a delight for the soul.

--- Raoul, Whittier, CA

* * * *

Hi Tom:

I'm also an American living in Italy. I've read with interest your blog and articles. I'd like to speak with you regarding residency and citizenship for Americans in Italy as you do seem to have a great deal of knowledge on all of these subjects. Would it be possible to give you a call on the phone? If so, please let me know how to reach you. If not, I can ask my questions via email.

Thank you!

--- David

* * * *

Hey Tom – Wow! Love those photos – they are so super that they make me A) Want to start eating NOW. B) Go there myself. C) See all that pristine beauty that looks so restful and peaceful. Great story, superb pix!!! Bravo!!

--- John, Los Angeles, CA

* * * *

Feedback for Destination Southwestern France: Saint-Émilion

Good job, Tom, and timely info. St. Émilion is in the list of places Jim Hayes and I will visit in September 2014. If we get the chance, we will exploit your experience to enhance the trip!

--- Bobby Harper, Dameron, MD

* * * *

Feedback for Vicenza Walks – Monte Berico

I lived in Vicenza for 4 years in the U.S. ARMY from 1963 to 1967. A wonderful place to explore. Palladio’s works are amazing. Have been back twice since and find new places to visit. My favorite is MONTE BERICO where I have some wonderful photos of my family.

--- Dr. Albert Pizzi, Hanover, MA

* * * *

I liked the new TB particularly the Vicenza article that took me back as a youth when we lived in Naples and travelled up there for a baseball tourney (U.S. Military Bases dependent schools played each other.)

Took me back to the plaza.

--- Bill

Feedback for A Canterbury Trail (Sutri)

Very interesting note. I have wedroned which route the early pre-Christian and Christian pilgrims travelled to Rome from England. Is it still possible to travel the Francigena trail?

--- Pawel

You can find out more info on walking tours of Via Francigena at this site: Thanks for stopping by and commenting..


* * * *

Good article, enjoyed reading it. Saved your recommended sights for future use.

--- Dardenne Prairie, MO

* * * *

You're going to be great at this Tom. Congrats.

--- Donna Vissa -Montreal

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