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Power, Influence, Forgiveness

“Ding!” My phone said there was a new comment on a video about Tornado Chasers which I posted in YouTube (I linked the video below). I didn’t think much of it until I saw who it came from.

Now, to be clear, I did not create this video. Someone sent this video file to me, and I searched for it on Youtube (as I normally do) and it wasn’t listed. So I posted it with a disclaimer. Over 5,500+ views later, I get this feedback:

No way! Not the almighty Air Jordan himself?! How often do you get a connection with the greatest basketball player in history? I was giddy the whole day … the whole week. I’ve been following MJ’s career since forever. I still wear a tattered and faded Bulls T-shirt because of this man. For one bright shining moment, I was having a conversation with my hero.

And then I noticed: “Michael” is spelled differently. Is this a pretender of my all-time favorite player? Or maybe it’s still him. Maybe he’s using that as a disguise. What do you think?

I figured whether it’s true or not, it made me happy and important. I never realized how much power Michael Jordan ( a complete stranger) had over me until that moment. Heroes have so much power over their followers. We parents have so much power and influence over our children. We all have so much power over each other. Many times we make mistakes. Many times it’s hard to forgive ourselves. Sadly, there are times we ask forgiveness that isn’t granted. But that should be okay. We don’t need approval to forgive. We just do it.

A wise man said “Never argue with people about their perceptions of your actions or their assumptions about your motives. Do your best to do what is right and move on.”

Oh, but I still wish it was the real Michael Jordan.

TGIF people!


Joke of the Week

Thanks to Rodney of Manitoba, B.C. for this joke.

Videos of the Week

This is the exciting video that Micheal Jordan commented on:
“Tornado Up Close and Personal”


Thanks to Mel of Washington, D.C. for this humorous court case from Chuck Swindoll


Thanks to Art of Sierra Madre, California


click on the video image to listen to the music if you don’t get the joke.

Parting Shots

Thanks to Mel of Washington, D.C.

Thanks to Tom of Pasadena, CA

Thanks to Peter Paul of S Pasadena

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