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June is the rainy season in Tokyo. It rains so frequently just before the intense summer heat and just prior to the gentle cool down of autumn that Japan is often said to have six seasons instead of four. In fact, there are more than 400 words that express rain in Japanese — depending on when and how it rains. Harusame is the rain that falls in spring. Samidare is the rain that falls in May, Tsuyu refers to the “rainy season” in June. Konukaame is the fine mist that fills the air in spring, but the same misty rain changes its name to Kirisame when it falls in autumn. Some might find rain a deterrent, but in fact, the warm sprinkles clear the air and give us a chance to see the subtleties of the city. For example, Tokyo Station reflected in the puddles on the pavement or the hydrangea that changes hues ever so delicately, as the moist droplets kiss its petals.


Fun in Tokyo

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