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Fake Schools

You probably know by now that I am a man with many hats. One of my “wardrobe” is a Property Management business. This week, one of our properties sprung a water leak and I had to coordinate the repairs. Do you know how much plumbers charge? $160 an hour! They make more money than many college graduates. And they are very busy. Plus they aren’t burdened with student loans. Surprised? I even know of one who worked as a handyman during High School. He was already earning money while his batch mates struggled in college. Four years later he had enough money to go to Law School and Dental School. Now, bored with just 2 professions, he ran for office and is now also serving as a school superintendent. He drives a Porsche and owns 2 homes. Many of his batch mates are underpaid and heavily in debt.

One may look down at  garbage collectors, truck drivers, construction workers … those blue collar workers … but they earn more than most college grads and, again without the student loans. You’ve heard of mischievous Fake News that have a biased agenda? Well, we have what I cal Fake Schools!

Is a college degree worth the status symbol? I’ve long been an antagonist to the current education system. I believe higher institutions protect the teachers and professors and their industry more than concern for their students. They advertise how wonderful it would be to fulfill one’s dreams of a white collar job but they do not divulge the reality of the over-production of many professions. To be fair, not all vocational schools are good either. I mean, really … how many more beauticians do we need?

See the news anchors on TV? To begin with, there are not a lot of positions in that arena and we’ve watched the wrinkles develop (over 20 years) on some of them and they still aren’t stepping down to give the younger ones a break at the spotlight. Yet schools churn up a lot of these wanna-be MasCom grads. Notice the many British and Australian actors pretending to be Americans in TV and movie shows? Why is that? Notice that the same extras always appear in different shows? It’s like a very small circuit of privileged actors always getting the jobs.

Whoever said “follow your passion” did not consider the practical realities because there are a lot of waiters and Fast Food graduates who followed their dreams. Did Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg finish college? If you really want to go to college choose a career that is practical rather than comfortable.

Heart and Mind‘Tis the season of graduation and moving to higher learning. Do you know someone who’s haggling for a student loan? Please help them be discerning. Tell them to do the research. Is there a demand for their skill? Will their salary pay off their student loans and lifestyle? If their annual tuition is more than their potential annual salary, it doesn’t make sense. Will the career they choose still be relevant in a few years? Unless you’re a surgeon, regular doctors don’t earn as much as they used to. A.I. (like IBM’s Watson) is diagnosing more accurately than a collection of doctors. For the architects, sound technicians, printers, photographers, musicians, etc. — technology has revolutionized their trade. Sadly, some teachers only know the old trade. What can you expect them to teach? Many say colleges are brainwashing camps where students learn to parrot rather than think. Is that true?

I apologize if I sound so negative. But I am negative only to those who are blind to reality. There is so much hope for those who “see.”

But this is just me. Interested to know your thoughts on this matter. TGIF people!

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  1. Gerry

    June 17, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    I can’t help but agree with you on this Raoul. The “status symbol” pervades much of society still today – a college degree being a must have budge for those who can, even if the degree they acquire may not be their true calling. Safe to say that the notion or perhaps “the pressure”, is born out of what society demands from those aspiring to work above the blue collar. It is fair to say there are those who pursue what they want because of passion and life long interest cultivated from much of their lives, but then, I believe they are the lesser number. Greater are those who by the time they graduate from high school are uncertain, let alone clueless of what they want to do in life and are enticed a college degree will pave the way. The kids set off to explore life after college often only with the hope that they may eventually find the thing they want to do and be happiest with. But then already realizing they are besaddled with debt even before they make their first dollar.


  2. Jeff

    June 17, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    I suppose you know what you wrote is true. You’re not funny.

    It’s pretty sad.

    Congress went for the young vote and provided for student loans. Now
    everyone can go. So cost climbed due to demand. Jobs stayed the same so
    pay is less because of the oversupply of college grads.

    So congress bought some votes, but put young adults in big debt, without
    the job (underemployed) and because the aging students have now figured it
    out, congress is going to forgive the loans, at least talking about
    it…and buy more votes.

    I think congress pretty much screws stuff up when they get involved in
    economics, mail, education, immigration, health insurance, aid….humph.
    What haven’t they screwed up?

    Probably over simplified. Glad I got my MBA back in ’79, when they were
    still chic.

    That’s it in my nutshell.



  3. Heather

    June 17, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    Yep, it’s true about plumbers! My grandson went to plumbing school and of the 200 who started, 6 actually graduated! He does make go money but drives to San Diego almost everyday. However, he saved and just bought a beautiful house in San Jacinto! What you do with what you earn isn’t taught in school. Education doesn’t give you LIFE SKILLS, and today it takes both parents salaries yo keep your boat afloat! You know what I say. “Love is the answer”. Over and out.



  4. Marilyn

    June 17, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    thanks so much! TGIF


  5. Tom

    June 17, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Like your comments on Fake Education and very few schools teach mechanics or Plumbing or Welding or Construction any more.


  6. Lisa

    June 17, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    You’ve got it right with the fake schools! I’m totally in agreement with
    you. Thanks for the laughs today 🙂


  7. Rick

    June 26, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Hi Bro,
    As a high school business teacher, I have been saying for years that college is not for all, and if you are going have you spoken to parents about how it will be payed for. Figuring that detail out at a later time is not a good plan. Going to a college is like going on a date at a restaurant. Make sure you can afford it before ordering and embarrassing oneself.

    On the other hand, work is for everyone whether you are going to college or not. Gain some life and work skills, practice work ethic, and display punctuality and good attendance. My students are pressured to practice these work traits while in my room, and it’s more work for me but well worth it. It is the least I can do to prepare these kids for the workplace. So many parents will not permit their kids to work, but after high school or college they are expected to get jobs and keep them for 40-50 years. How does that work? I learned more in my first real job working in a Alpha Beta from the age of 16-23 then in any class in college.
    Now I do tell my students that a college degree does give more career opportunities for most, but once again college isn’t cheap and does not guarantee a job or a successful career.

    Okay, you struck a nerve on this one, but I am in agreement with you that we must lose the college for all mentality. I am in support of skills and work ethic for all.
    Thanks bro, have a great rest of the week.


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