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My Corgis and Me: Chords and Lyrics

A few have asked for the lyrics of my Corgi song. So here it is with simplified chords. I used this simple chord progression of only 3 chords to teach my grandkids to play the guitar. The chords are in the key of A but the original chords were in the key of C so if you want to play along with the recording, just put a capo on the 3rd fret.

Only 3 chords are used in the whole song
My Corgi and Me
Tonka and Tinker with me in between.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3BK-4ZvPyI


by Raoul Pascual

Intro: AM7  DM7  AM7

Verse 1

It’s easy enough to crack a smile   when
Tonka and Tinker occupy the streets
With their little feet.

Verse 2

People come out to catch the scene
of Two little tongues hanging out to say I am free
    Won’tcha follow me?


DM7                              AM7
Two corgis were made I believe
DM7                          AM7
To bring sunshine for all to receive
DM7      E                AM7   Go back to intro
My corgis              and  me

Verse 3

Two furry hot dogs, so proper and clean
Pampered to death like the King and Queen of a movie scene
With me in between.

Ad Lib

DM7                                               AM7
Pitter patter    pitter patter     off  they go
DM7                                                       AM7
Left to right and right to left     their pelvics flow
         DM7                           AM7                            DM7                 E    (pause)
A ha haaa  (echo)    A ha haaa  (echo)    Ha ha haaaa (echo)    Ha ha haaaa

Repeat Intro and repeat chorus then fade.

the corgi walk
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