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The Trump Presidential Library

When the Trump presidency is finally put away, the Trump Presidential Library that will be created to mark the time that Donald J. Trump as the accidental (or misconceived) 45th President of the United States will be chalk-full of volumes.  The many, many volumes (likely more than a few on each subject) will contain detailed documentation on a whole variety of Trump’s achievements in office, including, but in no way limited to:

  • His campaign, its stellar directors and associations with noted Republicans in Congress and other famous American titans of industry and news media
  • His ability to attract and retain voters (so accurately called “Trumpians”) who are also clueless morons and idiots, who are unable to collect real data and analyze it in a critical way
  • His outward professing of using women, doing what he pleased, having sexual relations with them during his marriage
  • His putting down of women (because he does not respect them, likely feels threatened by their abilities and intelligence that far exceed his)
  • His racist and divisive comments
  • His boasting of how he was the greatest (fill-in-the-blank) president
  • His campaigns collusion with Russia to help him win the election
  • His choices to fill his administration, including how he treated them, their behavior, their short time in their jobs, the never-ending hunt to find competent replacements that virtually never occurred
  • His bashing of the Justice Department, including the FBI and other intelligence agencies
  • His obstruction of the FBI’s investigation into Russia and its ties to Trump
  • His clear violation of the Emoluments Clause, actively promoting his business interests while president
  • His all-too-frequent time playing golf, including how he regularly cheated at the game – such love of its history and integrity
  • His inability to read, pay attention/focus on anything, including even just the Presidential Daily Brief
  • His all-day and daily lies such that there were lies about lies on top of lies
  • His inability to hire competent legal counsel to represent him when he put himself in great legal peril
  • His campaign promises that went unfulfilled (including the Muslim ban, building the wall on the Mexican border, the addition of tariffs, the killing off of the US’s involvement in NAFTA and more)
  • His keen negotiating skills in dealing with allies and serious international issues (including Iran)
  • His dependence on some of his (more) capable (that is questionable) children as part of his White House staff (see nepotism) and the legal woes they faced
  • His ability to bring in White House staff that could never pass the necessary security clearance, even after far too much time, including his own son-in-law
  • His White House staff’s frequent leaking of sensitive information to the media – they were more dedicated to the truth and the media than the president
  • His hiring of various individuals in his administration that either went to prison or flipped to expose the crook that Trump was
  • His hiring a number of cabinet members who were completely unqualified for the job, which of course also speaks of the Republicans in the Senate who confirmed them and their motivations
  • His ability to insult former Republican candidates for president, then offer them jobs (and they accepting)
  • His handling of the Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford) affair – one of his greatest blunders before and during his shortened presidency, which will lead to a volume on:
  • His campaign spending violations (breaking federal election law) by trying to pay off Daniels into silence weeks before the 2016 election (and also with other women?)
  • His choice of Michael Pence as his Vice President (that may earn its own room in the library)
  • His first Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who called him a moron (or was it a “f_cking moron?”); who never denied it, lasting only 14 months in the job and never wanted it, either
  • His second Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who called him an idiot, also never denying it, whose time in the job will also be short-lived, and like Trump, also lied to the public
  • His propensity for aligning with and hiring other stellar individuals who chose to lie in order to try and make Trump into someone he could never be
  • His inability to nearly listen to anyone, especially those lawyers who actually were capable as Trump was certain that he was smarter than everyone
  • His multitude of personal lawsuits for a variety of inappropriate relations with women during his third (sham) “marriage”
  • His laundering of money via Russian oligarchs, his unpaid debts to many, including $250M to Deutsche Bank, revealing that his net worth to be far less than $1B (and his stated claim that he was worth billions)
  • His fascination with current-day dictators, and his desire to be closely associated with them (see Putin)
  • His fealty to Putin: Why?
  • His legal woes beyond Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, including the Southern District of the Federal Justice Department, and finally, the State of New York
  • His negative impact on various areas of government, with one of the worst being his unleashing the also crooked Scotty Pruitt as head of the EPA
  • His effect (and affect) on so many Republicans in both houses of Congress, who sold their small souls (soles?) to continue to support Trump when they should have bolted from him, ultimately causing them to lose the House of Representatives in 2018, and the Senate by 2020
  • His ability to find stooges like Devin Nunes, who carried Trump’s dirty water to and fro the White House at all hours
  • His ability to retain Sarah Huckabee Sanders as his lyin’ press secretary for as long as she managed to shill for him
  • His keen ability to take no responsibility for any of his actions, to always blame others around him, insult them, use them like cheap toilet tissue
  • His need to continuously self-inflate his small ego at the expense of the highest office in the land, the most powerful office on the planet
  • His total lack of knowledge about virtually everything yet his need to profess that he knows more than anyone
  • His incessant tweets, complete with misspellings will be organized into volumes, also available at Twitter and via online search
  • His inability to shut his mouth and put his texting fingers in his pockets, effectively causing great legal and political harm to himself
  • His endless documented lies (which totaled over 3,000 by May 1, 2018, with so many more to come)

No doubt that space will intentionally be left unfilled for the likely additional volumes and documents that will continue to flood in in the years following Trump’s wasted time in the White House.

Like all proper libraries, the various subjects will be organized by room, with some volumes offered in more than one room as their topics were relevant in more than one arena.  Further, there will be many, many visuals and audio offerings of Trump’s weird facial expressions, odd movements, and incessant blathering about how crooked Hillary was and such.

Clearly, it will need to be a large structure to hold so much of whom and what was Donald J. Trump as a man and as our swell president.  And the source of funds will likely come in part from laundered Russian oligarch money, the rest from his disillusioned supporters, contributions small and large.

I can only imagine that the Trump Presidential Library will be popular, popular among those who will study how the United States managed to put into power someone who not only was completely unqualified for the job, and never really wanted it; and of course, those who thought that his stink didn’t smell.

This author just woke up from having a nightmare about everything written above.  Surely it must not be true, right?

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  1. Joseph

    May 23, 2018 at 7:51 am

    Nice extensive collection of a man who was born with a silver spoon. He may not be a real politician but he’s just as dirty as the other guys.

    If it wasn’t for the media hounding him like they do, he would be using his power to enrich himself even more.

    Keep up the good work Tedward!



  2. Betty

    May 27, 2018 at 4:31 am

    History will decide if Trump is as you say he is. So far the news is all mixed up I don’t know who to believe.

    What do you think about the dossier and the FBI and the top brass being in cahoots with each other? So far the big networks aren’t picking it up except Fox News.

    Do you think Pbama’s museum will be any better? Can you write what you guess his museum will be like?


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