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What’s Your Net Worth?

Heather Kobler

My Net Worth is not measured in dollars and cents.  I believe that we are the sum total of all our life experiences combined.  And, good or bad, it all adds up to something.  The question is, do you like what it adds up to or not?  If you don’t, you need to understand that you had something to do with the total!

Some people think a big bank account equals success or happiness, but I don’t believe this.  How you value yourself has everything to do with the way you were raised and the lessons learned along the way and this is really your Net Worth.

I come from a big family and we were poor, but we didn’t know it because my parents loved us and each other, we were fed and nurtured, taught to work hard and take pride in doing the best we could at home, school, church, sports or any task in front of us.  And, we were all told to do the hardest job FIRST.

I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s in Chicago.  I watched as many different immigrants came to the U.S.A.  I went to school with every ethnic and religious group you can name and prejudice was never taught or practiced in our home.  Everyone got along and the new comers were so happy to live in this country and eager to learn English, go to school, college or learn a trade.

We were all taught the value of money and what hard work would bring you.  All the kids I grew up with knew how to make money.  I am so grateful my parents sometimes said NO to me when I asked for money because I’d go get my orange crate and sell Ice Tea or lemon aide and buy the Popsicle I wanted myself.

Money has never been my driver, but I have always been able to make money because I love working.  I have known many very wealthy people who have used their money to insulate themselves from others and end up isolating themselves from the people that really matter most in the end.

If a Genie gave me three wishes, I would ask for health, health, health, because I can get the rest of the things I need for myself.  My father told me this when I got married, “If you can go one year, have some good times, stay healthy, pay your bills and have $15.00 left at the end of the year, you are successful”!  Doesn’t sound very ambitious, but then I’ve never seen a Brinks truck back up over a grave and bump in bunches of money.  Have you?

My family, my friends, my associates and all the memories we created together make more sense to me than more cents and add up to my real Net Worth.  So, are you in the red or black when it comes to your Net Worth?

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