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Where’s My TGIF?

Have you been wondering where your TGIF edition went? You’re not alone. Several have been asking the same thing.

First of all, there’s nothing to worry about. Raoul just went on a very long vacation of sorts. He went to Dalipuga, a small village in Southern Philippines. He’s there to take care of his 94 year old father who was reported to be in fading health. You can read about this adventurous trip here in TravelingBoy.com.

He didn’t intend to stop sending his Friday emails. But when he attempted to log into his email program, he was locked out because of a 2-Step verification he had set up. He turned off “roaming data” on his cell phone so now he cannot access his account’s text messages.

I’m sure there’s a way around this but Raoul thinks maybe it’s time to have a “real” vacation … the first in over a decade. So please be patient for his return in the beginning of July.

Thank you for your loyalty.

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  1. Jeff

    June 4, 2022 at 10:36 am

    Lately you’ve been commenting on overworking, being tried not feeling 100% and today no Friday jokes.

    Are you OK? You home…or the hospital with something?

    Your friend, –Jeff (from Arcadia! ha!)


  2. Anne

    June 4, 2022 at 10:41 am

    Hi. Attached is an interesting article about COVID in Australia and USA. I think it’s worth a read.


    Excerpt from New York Times (to read more go to the source):

    How Australia Saved Thousands of Lives While Covid Killed a Million Americans
    Damien Cave, NEW YORK TIMES, May 16, 2022

    MELBOURNE, Australia — If the United States had the same Covid death rate as Australia, about 900,000 lives would have been saved. The Texas grandmother who made the perfect pumpkin pie might still be baking. The Red Sox-loving husband who ran marathons before Covid might still be cheering at Fenway Park.

    © Asanka Brendon Ratnayake for The New York Times The Southbank promenade in Melbourne, Australia, in March.
    For many Americans, imagining what might have been will be painful. But especially now, at the milestone of one million deaths in the United States, the nations that did a better job of keeping people alive show what Americans could have done differently and what might still need to change.

    Many places provide insight. Japan. Kenya. Norway. But Australia offers perhaps the sharpest comparisons with the American experience. Both countries are English-speaking democracies with similar demographic profiles. In Australia and in the United States, the median age is 38. Roughly 86 percent of Australians live in urban areas, compared with 83 percent of Americans

    Yet Australia’s Covid death rate sits at one-tenth of America’s, putting the nation of 25 million people (with around 7,500 deaths) near the top of global rankings in the protection of life.

    Australia’s location in the distant Pacific is often cited as the cause for its relative Covid success. That, however, does not fully explain the difference in outcomes between the two countries, since Australia has long been, like the United States, highly connected to the world through trade, tourism and immigration. In 2019, 9.5 million international tourists came to Australia. Sydney and Melbourne could just as easily have become as overrun with Covid as New York or any other American city.


  3. Don

    June 4, 2022 at 10:42 am

    Hi Raoul,

    I hope you are doing well. Are you still sending out Friday TGIF? I have not received any emails the past two weeks. Please let me know.

    Thank you,



  4. Drexel

    June 4, 2022 at 10:44 am


    I hope all is well your way….just concerned at May 6th was the last TGIF I have received….hope that means your on holiday having a great time…I/we just returned from 4 weeks in Kona, so we are tan, rested & relaxed, regretfully, already getting back into the hectic pace of SoCal….Good thoughts your way….Cheers


  5. Art

    June 4, 2022 at 10:47 am

    Did I miss TGIF?


  6. Dennis

    June 6, 2022 at 3:25 am

    Dear Raoul,
    We have received your TGIF joke since my wife was a member of the Monrovia Providers Group. We share them each week and they have caused a few smiles so you have been successful. Hope you are OK as the last one we received was May 13th.


    Dennis & Ruth


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