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When You Know Better, You Do Better

Heather Kobler

All of us are a “Work in Progress”, we just don’t know that soon enough because if we did, we’d be kinder to ourselves. Forgiveness can and should apply to ourselves as well as others.

Forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving.  Holding a grudge is one of the worst things you can do because it hurts you more than it does others.  Besides that, everyone knows someone who’s not talking to somebody.  And, when you ask them why they can’t even remember what they’re upset about!  Translation; its negative energy and it’s bad for everyone, especially YOU.


When you ask someone for forgiveness and they say they can’t do that, then you need to realize that you can (and should) do this for yourself.   Once you decide to forgive someone or yourself and move on with your life and times, you shouldn’t repeat the behavior that created the situation.

Most people appreciate face to face conversations because besides your words, there’s your body language that’s speaking even when you don’t realize it.  The written word (texting) can easily be misinterpreted and it actually takes much longer than a phone call.  And, if you press SEND before you’ve re-read the message, you can’t take it back.


And then there’s Gossip, the worst possible situation to get yourself into.  Walking away from gossip is the best possible answer, because just listening gives gossip power.  The person being talked about has no chance to defend themselves and you’ll most likely become the next topic of conversation if you participate.

Avoiding situation’s that make you uncomfortable is a smart and intuitive action to take.  Critical thinking can really help you to avoid getting yourself into a bad situation.  If you can “run” the scenario in your head and sense that it’s not something that’s going to have a positive outcome or  might hurt you or others, you can avoid the situation and move on.


Avoiding an emotional train wreck is a very good thing.  And, you’ll sleep much better too!

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