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Five Fab Finds 4 Budding Builders & Engineers

You might be homeschooling your kids… Here are some super educational and fun activities to keep both girls and boys learning and happy. Such fun for them that you might have time for yourself to have a coffee break….

SolarBots' 8-in-1 Solar Robot KitSolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

Toys using solar energy should be the wave of the future — what a great way to harness nature and play all day. These SolarBots which are unique robots that you create are powered by the sun. Build adorable characters that use a tiny compact solar panel to get their energy.

There are several options from building a drummer robot that marches along, beating a drum; an armadillo robot that does somersaults; a solar bug that crawls on six legs, and more! The 48-page, full-color manual guides solar power pioneers through model assembly and offers fun scientific facts about the real-life applications of solar technology. What solar-powered inventions will you dream up?

Age 6+.

NASCAR Crash Circuit Road Course with Winner’s Circle

NASCAR Crash Circuit Road Course with Winner’s Circle

Sure to make you smile, this hyper speed new race set brings the excitement of NASCAR into your living room. Compete like real drivers as you race around steep turns at lightening speeds while side swiping one another and even pushing your competition off the track. Your car might even fly and pass other cars and you might even get wrecked. A super charged, super fun game.

The Road Course Track set with Winner’s Circle comes with two motorized race cars, two flash chargers, pit crew figurines, and a Winner’s Circle that really spins!

AGES: 5 plus

Snap Circuits My Home

Snap Circuits® MyHome

Snap Circuits My Home is an amazing toy. It is well made, with detailed instructions and helps teach kids and parents alike learn how electricity is works. Build a house or city tower with real, working, 3-D circuits, just like the ones you use every day. The kit contains seven colorful base grids and about 25 different ideas on what to create. This is the perfect teaching toy and it helps answer a myriad of questions such as How does the electric company get power to your house? How does power travel inside your walls? What happens when you turn on a light?

Kids and their parents will learn about circuitry, security systems, dimmer switches, automatic lights, alarms, motion detectors, fan speeds, appliance motors and generators.

Ages 8+



What a fabulous way to learn about physics and gravity. Boomtrix allows a kids to create a wild course of launchers, trampolines and obstacles to bounce the metal balls all the way to the goal. Kids can fine tun fine motor skills, planning skills, and learn geometry all while setting their imagination free to design different tracks everytime. It is a fun, active toy that helps kids with concentration and fine motor skills. Also the launcher can release up to 15 balls at the same time creating a lot of excitement.

Age: 8 and up or even younger with adult assistance.

VEX Robotics Construction Zone

VEX Robotics Construction Zone

Building has never been such fun… ok it has, but this is a real treat for the budding builder in your home that will adore the VEX Robotics Construction Zone. It Includes over 1,350 pieces, and there are three separate builds that function just like their real-life counterparts, including the construction workers to help you with the heavy lifting.

The Construction Crane has an elevator and stands over the site at about two feet. Control its operations to lift and move objects wherever the crane can reach. Complete with an engine, the Dump Truck can haul parts across your construction site. The Backhoe will help you scoop and do all the heavy lifting!

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