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I think we are in week 5 of the Covid lockdown. People are processing things they would normally have no time to consider. People are getting into each other’s nerves. If you are beginning to have conversations with inanimate objects, you know what I mean.

I just recently got into a conversation about the inhumane condition that this government demands of its citizens. A friend’s Dad is in a locked down retirement facility but she wants to be physically present with her Dad to comfort him. She is even willing to get infected and die in the process. She is thinking of crashing the doors to get him. However, from the medical logistical point of view, If she gets sick, she will be stealing resources (man power, medications, ventilators, etc.) from innocent others.

I can understand that the government is still grappling with uncertainties. What is the nature of the “beast?” Does it spread through animals? Does it live longer on metal surfaces? Is it airborne? Do we have enough resources to win this war? If it really is that deadly and that contagious, should someone dictate what is good for you and the rest of society? Should we be forced to isolate? Should doctors and nurses care for the foolhardy victims? My daughter is a nurse who is going through very real trials due to the pandemic. Is it fair for us to squeeze even more out of her to care for people who choose to be sick?

This is just one of the topics that have sprung up. To be honest, I’m not sure where I stand on this one. But one thing I do know is we need to be sensitive to the other person. You may think you have the right answer but I think the better approach is to understand where the person is coming from. Why the need to talk about it? Perhaps it isn’t an answer he/she is seeking. Perhaps it is the need for someone to listen. I do not mean we should give up our convictions. Rather, I’m suggesting there will be other opportunities to engage … not when everyone’s nerves are already frayed. We don’t want to get out of our bunkers hating each other, do we?

Recently, a friend who works in an organization that helps the homeless asked me what I thought about their program. I told her that many programs merely exacerbate the problem with temporary relief rather than provide long term solutions. Later that night I couldn’t sleep because I gave her what she asked rather than give her what I now believe she needed. She needed someone to listen and thank her for all her hard work. I didn’t do that. I need to apologize.

Of course there are limitations. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just smile and walk away to your corner of the cabin. But this is just me.

Let’s keep our distance and keep our sanity and hold on to our faith. TGIF people!


“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone” — Colossians 4: 5-6

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Thanks to Mike of New York for sharing this joke.

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  1. Arnel

    April 24, 2020 at 11:01 am

    It’s 430 in the morning. I’m awake early, as always been. Today is also my wife’s birthday. Such a strange era we’re in. This is going to be a memorable birthday for her indeed.

    I am quite taken by your sentiment that issues or differences in opinion be laid out when nerves are not frayed and passions are tempered. Vehemently I disagree on that point. Not when we are in the midst of this catastrophe that continues to unravel before our eyes. It’s no time to hold back on our convictions and beliefs. And if there is a clash of ideas, that should all come out. You can hold on to yours, I will accept them as yours, but I will never respect them nor give them credence if I deem them as wrong. In a way, I got the drift of your philosophical leanings when you posted about Dinesh DiSouza. I hate the guy, like I hated Ayn Rand. They espouse a kind of religious Darwinism. The historical evidence and carnage is all out there and laid bare unequivocally, and they are wrong. I profess no perfection nor pure certainty of my beliefs. I am but a human being, as you are too. In these times, I pray to God to give me the wisdom to follow the people who are much more intelligent than me.

    Each day of the week, my wife has to work as a physical therapist at a hospital. We are both physical therapists but I am sidelined and basically unemployed because my client base has dried up. I see my clients at home, mostly elderly and unhealthy, and so terrified by this pandemic that they wouldn’t want to be visited at home. My wife has to go to work, potentially exposing herself to the virus each and every work day. Their protective equipment are rationed, the regulations inconsistent, and the rules in constant flux. Why? Because there is no leadership. Because science and so called religion are in opposite ends. Because it’s all about politics!

    So, I will ask you this, in these times, who would you bet your life on: your pastor or the scientist? I will choose the latter. Because he has the data and the proof behind his pronouncements. And it might just turn out that he is inspired by God.

    Be safe.


    • Raoul

      April 24, 2020 at 11:04 am

      Good morning Arnel,

      I appreciate your candor. I believe I reiterated that we should not give
      up our convictions. My point was to choose the time and place for the
      clash of ideas. Of course there are personality types that are less
      confrontational and more gracious than others and anytime is a good
      time. But my guess is that most people have so much baggage to unload so
      a respectful conversation will not be possible. And, when confined in
      close quarters, with resentment running high, it makes living together a
      living hell. Unlike before, you could go out and cool off. To get into
      battle when both are cornered could lead to a disaster without a
      referee. What is needed is a lot of patience, humility, grace and love.
      That was my point. But I respect your disagreement. I guess you handle
      your arguments better than me.

      I am sorry about your work situation. I too have lost revenue but
      somehow I am still surviving. Hoping to get my stimulus check too.

      No one was fully prepared for this. To expect all the right moves is not
      realistic. And it is easy to criticize /after/ the fact. I know you do
      not like Trump but who would you rather be calling the shots? Biden?
      Pelosi? Hillary? Sanders? Given the data given what would you have done?
      Whose science is science? Faucci’s — a Democrat who has been advising
      Trump? He and Bill Gates believe that vaccine is the key to stop the
      virus. Have you heard of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai? According to him, it is by
      boosting our immunity (in a nutshell, people from poor countries who
      grew up eating dirt are not getting sick). You may not like his opinions
      because he is a Republican.

      What you said is true. Politics is involved. And if we listen to only
      one side of the fence then our knowledge is limited. I see biased news
      on both sides. All are guilty. We need to filter propaganda. So maybe we
      should follow the money trail.

      Have you heard about R F Kennedy Jr’s (a Democrat) post about Bill
      Gate’s vaccination master plan? The way RFK describes Bill Gates
      pictures Gates as a real-life-James-Bond master of evil out to conquer
      the world. This current pandemic was his big opportunity.


      In the eyes of the powerful godless men like Gates and Soros we are mere
      pawns. Yet, it’s good to remember that in all this, God is still master
      of all. Matthew 11 gives timely reminders about the evil around us.

      You mentioned religion. From Matthew 11:12
      “12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven
      has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.”

      Then Jesus goes on and explains that just as the rulers rejected the
      innocent John the Baptist, they also refuse to recognize him. Then he
      says /”woe to the unbelievers”/ (ie. the unbelievers will be damned)
      because they have been given so many opportunities to change yet no
      amount of proof or miracles will change their hard hearts. That’s really
      sad. But Jesus lovingly assures us that not all are that stubborn. There
      is still hope … through him.

      Matthew 11: 28
      “28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give
      you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle
      and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my
      yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

      Old as it is, there’s still a lot we can learn from the Bible, huh?
      Anyway, I got to get back to work.

      May the good Lord bless you and protect you. May you abound in wisdom,
      love and understanding.

      Peace be with you, my friend. Maybe we should talk this over coffee —
      via the phone or zoom of course. Call me after office hours.


      (562) 315-5828


      Please send your wife my birthday greetings. Sorry she can’t splurge
      like other years but at least she is safe and (hopefully) healthy
      (already) and she has you.


      • Arnel

        April 24, 2020 at 11:05 am

        We are poles apart. I know about Trump and his policies, I beg to
        disagree, Raoul. Trump is the ultimate Trojan Horse of the most spiteful
        and vile elements of our society, in my opinion. And I wouldn’t need Bible
        quotes either, because they have been used so many times to distort its
        true essence. I just abide by one principle in the Bible: Love your
        neighbor. The rest of it is commentary. Many so-called religious leaders
        take pains explaining and dissecting every word in the Bible, and what
        comes out is hatred rather than love. More wars have been committed in the
        name of religion, that’s our history. Also, I advise you to seek the
        historical roots and evolution of the Bible, you just might be surprised
        how much it has changed. It’ll probably give you a better and deeper
        context of the Holy Book. Anyway, we don’t have to persuade each other, we
        just have to accept that our viewpoints are just totally opposed.


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