Senior Halloween

October 20, 2017
Scare Season

The Halloween season is in full swing here in the California Southland. The stores are full of creepy masks and crazy costumes. The TV shows and online flicks are all about horror. Several Halloween parties are scheduled starting this weekend. For many God-fearing people, this is the season of evil.

On a personal level. this is the first year in a long long time that I don't have any caricature job scheduled for Halloween eve. I could easily volunteer myself into one of those events but I figured I should just spend a quiet evening this year with my wife.

I do have something interesting to share with you about last Friday the 13th. Remember how I wrote that it was just another day where nothing unusual happens? Well, something bad (well, not that bad) happened.

(BTW, you should read some of the comments from my Friday the 13th article.)

Early Friday the 13th morning, I volunteered to drive a good friend of mine to her colonoscopy checkup. What should have only lasted about 2 hours ate up my whole work day. By the time I got to the office it was almost closing time.

"Bite me!" said a green mango waiting for me on top of the kitchen counter and so I did. I cracked my tooth. I called my good friend Dr. Serjio who reads my TGIF Jokes. He was kind enough to accommodate me and he laughed and reminded me about the irony of what I had written concerning Friday the 13th. It was only then that I realized that these 2 highly unusual "misfortunes" had to happen on this "infamously unlucky" day.

Was my unbelief of the Friday the 13th curse wrong? Does Friday the 13th really carry some ominous negative alignment of the stars?

This is just me but I think it's a matter of perspective. I could say I wasted my day at the hospital BUT I'd rather say it was a golden opportunity to do something kind for someone. I could say it was a dental disaster BUT I'd rather say it was a precious moment to bond with an old doctor friend.

A "silver lining" around a gloomy cloud is always there but you just have to look for it. Halloween can be a day that glorifies evil BUT I consider it a day to start a conversation with a costumed stranger and meet new friends. In all my years doing charity work on Halloween's eve, I have made countless friends. Some of them are reading this email.

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

--- Maya Angelou

TGIF people!

From the TGIF Vault
Here's a rerun joke

TGIF Videos

Most Awkward Stretcher Moments
Sent by Michelle of La Habra, CA

Okay, I know it isn't polite to laugh at the misfortunes of others ... but setting aside the grunts and grimaces these are actually funny to watch. To think these "stretcher boys" had only one job. You'd think they'd know how to carry properly.

Funny Halloween News
Sent by Peter Paul of S. Pasadena, CA

The TV news also get into the "spirit" of the season. Here's a collection of people who just love to be scared. Can someone please explain why people do this?

Advertising Propaganda of the 1950s
Sent by Mike of New York

1950s Advertising Propaganda saying that advertising is good for you. Yup! It's an advertisement for the advertisers. Love the flashback of the years that the TV series MAD MEN was based on.

Parting Shot
Thanks to Tom of Pasadena who provided this photo

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