Forbidden Dance


   I'm part of several networking groups so I meet the small business people (the heart of the US economy) all the time. You'll know them by the way they carry themselves. These entrepreneurs dress business casual, are early risers, interesting to talk to, idealistic, always present in networking functions, they carry a stack of business cards, and are very hard working.

   Before I started my own business I was content doing production work in the back room. Thanks to my business partners, It took me several months to be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and learning about other people's business so I could reffer their services to others. I'm proud to say I'm a heck of a good networker today. Someone even called me a Super Influencer or Networker because I give out a lot of referrals. This week alone I gave out 4 referrals and I got a few back as well. It's really not that difficult. You just need to have a mental warehouse of people and you just match them with a need that comes up. Let's help each other. If everyone would do this, our local economy would be so much better.

    On another matter, I guess I'm gonna go to the La Habra Art Gallery this Saturday evening. They have an Open Mic (ie. Amateur Singing Night) 2 Saturdays in a month. Well, a few weekends ago, out of a whim, I brought my sketchbook and decided to make caricatures of the performers on stage. One by one they taped the sketches on the wall. By the end of the evening I had several sketches on display. I have to admit, I was pleasantly embarrassed. I guess the crowd really enjoyed it because they were asking about me the next session. So I'll be bringing my art stuff and doodling away again. As before, I'm donating any proceeds to the gallery. They need the funds. Hope you can come. Bring your guitar and other musical instruments. I think they frown at "canned" music.

Wisdom from Robee of Queson City, Philippines
Words of Wisdom

Do not correct a fool, or he will hate you; correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.

Thanks to this week's winners:
Robee of Q.C; Tony of Compton; Stella of Huntington Beach; Libbe of S. California; Leovino of the Philippines and Joel of Singapore.

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An entrepreneur isn't someone who owns a business. It's someone who makes things happen.
--- Tim Ferris

Japanese Forbidden Dance of a Thousand Moons
Contributed by Tony of Compton.CA

Click on the comic strip below to view an enlargement.

Videos of the week:

Look! Down in the Treadmill! It's ...
It's Chihuahua Superman!
Contributed by Libbe of Southern CA

Chihuahua Superman Treadmill

Very funny.

And the dog's not even trying.

Illegally Parked at the Handicap Zone
Contributed by Leovino, Philippines

Post it for Handicap parking

This driver got embarrassed big time.

Dare Fear
Contributed by Libbe of Southern CA

Face Your Fear

How do you get over your fear of anything? You face it.

Nice reminder.

Texting and Driving Consequences
Contributed by Stella of Huntington Beach, CA

Texting and Driving Accident

Sometimes you just need to realize the consequences to break the habit.

Peeling Mango to Look Like a Flower

Contributed by Stella of Huntington Beach, CA
Peeling Mango

A mango vendor's great technique to peel mango --- clean and beautiful.

Video of people who are extremely good in work and play

Filipino Parody of Beauty and the Beast
Contributed by Joel of Singapore

Beauty and the Beast Philippines

Mikey Bustos is a Filipino comedian who makes fun of the Philippine culture --- accent and all. If you can't understand the joke, just admire the creativity, the musicality and the video editing.


You got me on that Dance of a Thousand Moons! Great advice on networking and it is fun once you get used to it.

Take care and have Fun with your Caricatures you are definitely talented.


Hi Raoul,

Your blog below reminded me of the caricatures (posters) you made for our Filipino School some 30 years ago. I salvaged them when the school closed and kept them in my basement. I thought then that someday this artist will be an accomplished and famous artist. I think the day has come.

I included the background in the last picture to show you size of these posters.

Do you remember these?

Your avid fan,


Thank you for the jokes and the videos.
I laughed at Super dog and cried at the text and drive video.

You add to my life. Thanks.


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