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For the first time since he left for college, my son is back home and will be with us for about a month. Before grad school starts at Columbia, rather than spend his time anywhere else in the world he decides to come home and spend it with us. Do you realize how happy that makes me?

He's grown so much and his interests have changed as well. His video games are over. He's reading over 20 books a month. He can discuss politics, religion, global health, culture, etc. He is no longer dependent on his parents. He can hold his own. Looks like we did a decent job in the parenting department. Sure we still get into heated debates but at least he has a basis for his convictions.

Many of you still have kids living in your home. Savor this season. It may never come back. While they can still absorb your influence, be sure to pump them with all that's positive --- push them to be all that God would want them to be. They may not show it but they're still watching you and they need help to process reality the way we do. And even if they drift away from your values, never lose hope. After all, you may be wrong on some issues. As long as they develop honest critical thinking, you can pray about those differences. Some kids need to learn life from experience and not from theory. Just pray they don't get any permanent scars (like an accident or an unwanted pregnancy) that will burden them for life. Above all, always show and tell them you love them no matter what. They need to hear it. They need to believe it. They need that home base to retreat to in case the world they create comes crumbling down.

I consider this time a gift from God who has blessed us despite our imperfections. I wish the same for you. TGIF!

"Hear my children the instructions of a father. And give attention to know understanding"
--- Proverbs 4:1

Wisdom from Norm of Arcadia
Words of Wisdom

We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

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Jewish Humor Part 2
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

A drunk was in front of a judge.
The judge says, "You've been brought here for drinking."
The drunk says,
"Okay, let's get started!!"

Q: Why do Jewish divorces cost so much?
They're worth it.

Q: Why do Jewish men die before their wives?
They want to.

Inflation in the Cemetery
Contributed by Norm of Arcadia, CA

I don't get it. The cemetery raised its burial rates.

They blamed it on the cost of living!

Flash Mob Dancing next Saturday
A special announcement by Deb of Moreno Valley, CA

In case you are interested, they will be teaching then filming a Flash Mob Dance at the City Walk Hollywood, Saturday, July 26th 6-9 PM. The website is: Go to the calendar, then pick July 26th to check out the information. Produced by FMA.

Flash Mob

Videos of the week: (click on the picture)

84 Year Old Surprise: Tastefully Offensive
Contributed by Naomi of N Hollywood and Tom of Pasadena, CA
WARNING: Mature Subject Matter

Ray Jessel

I wasn't sure if I should include this due to some of the vocabulary but I think Ray Jessel's story would be an inspiration to most. I was so intrigued that I did some research on him. Discovered that he's been in the industry since the Carol Burnett show. Google his name and you will find a host of videos. Some of them sensitive. He's truly gifted. Even his records are only now being sold out. The only senior citizen I know who's accomplished this.

Singing with Mario Lanza
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

Great Caruso

Did you know that you, a subscriber of this Friday joke email, are among an elite group of inteligent and talented people? Watch this video. Do you see that young boy who does a solo with Mario Lanza in the movie, The Great Caruso? He's all grown up now and is our very own "Tom of Pasadena." He says he still sings in church and other events. Impressive, huh?

Humanitarian Surrounded by People He Saved in WW2
Contributed by Kristin of Pasadena, CA

Harp Music

Wanna cry? This elderly gentleman doesn't realize he's been set up. Back in the war he saved a lot of people from the Germans. He never realized there were that many --- a whole auditorium full of them.
Here's a longer version of the story.

Weird Al's "Tacky"
Contributed by Peter Paul of S Pasadena, CA

Weird Al Tacky

Perhaps one of the hottest videos to date is Weird Al (yes that King of Parodies from the 80's) is back with his take of a favorite tune of mine -- Happy.
He also does one of another pop tune called Royals. If none of these are familiar to you then you might be out of touch with today's music. And that's cool too.

Amazing Joints
Contributed by Don of Kelowna, B.C.

Amazing Joints

So the toe bone's connected to the foot bone, the foot bone to the ankle bone, which is connected to the leg bone ... and bones are connected by joints. So how come this guy's joints don't behave anywhere close to our joints? Weird stage show.

The Man Who Rode the Thunder
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

The Man who rode the thunder

Are you among the war trivia lovers? Here's a remarkable story of of Lt. Col. William Rankin who had a very bad day in the summer of 1959 when his plane, called the F8 Crusader experience engine failure at 47,000 feet.

Exhilarating National Geographic Video
Contributed by Mike of New York

National Geographic vidoe

We end today's TGIF edition with a beautiful video of nature. Hard to doubt that there was an inteligent being behind all the beautiful scenery and creatures in this video.

TGIF! Try to enjoy nature this weekend!

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