Senior Cheer


Last Sunday I had a blast doing worship with the little kids in church. I felt like a superstar. No. I'm not THAT good. They were just easy to please. They swarmed around me like "groupies." A few reached out and tried strumming my guitar. Another tried to blow on my harmonica. But, as I said, it was loads of fun.

    It feels great that the little that you contribute can generate so much happiness. I'm thinking of our individual talents that come from above. Some of us are natural athletes and some are amazing musicians; others are computer nerds and still others can concoct incredible dishes.

   What talents do you have? And don't say you don't have one. I believe we all do and that we all have a purpose.

   And don't forget the behind-the-scenes gifts like the gift of giving, the gift of helping people in need, the gift of knolwedge (where you just have a knack of understanding principles and patterns), the gift of wisdom (where you know what needs to be done). The apostle Paul expounded on this social dynamic where we all need each other and no one should think himself more important than others.

   I was just talking to a potential client this morning. He said he's surprised how he gets himself in situations and opportunities beyond his comfort zone. He's an electrician-turned-farmer and he's growing fresh vegetables for the poor. He pushes forward by faith. To live by faith --- it means to believe that you are called by God to do something for the greater good of everyone else. Is this you? ... Why not?

"A body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body." --- 1 Corinthians 12:12

Wisdom from Naomi of N Hollywood, CA
Words of Wisdom

We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

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Tom of Pasadena; Don of Kelowna; Cheryl of Arcadia; Levon of LA; Charlie of New York.


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Contributed by Ed of Studio City, CA.

An original joke conceived by John of Sunland, CA

Videos of the week:
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If Animals Could Talk
Contributed by Charlie of New York

If Animals could talk

I'm sure I used this before because I remember an old classmate of mine said he couldn't stop laughing and I also still giggled when I watched this again. Here's hoping this will still cheer you up as well.

Running with MS
Contributed by Charlie of New York

MS Runner

Multiple Sclerosis is a daunting disease because there is still no cure for this paralyzing abnormality. One of my basketball buddy's wife has this and he says it's very unpredictable. This is an incredible story of a young woman who pushes herself to the limit and her ever-supportive coach who has to catch her at the finish line.

The True Story of the Movie UNBROKEN
Contributed by Don of Kewlona, B.C.

Unbroken story

People are still lining up at the movie houses to watch the story of Louis Zamerini but here is his real story in his own words. He recently passed away just before the film was released. An amazing man. An amazing story.

Compilation of Clydesdale Videos
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

Clydesdale Videos

So it's a beer commercial. So what? I'm not promoting the beer. I'm just giving credit to the creativity of the marketing people. I do marketing and we create logos and mascots and I can appreciate the work of my peers.

Cicret Bracelet
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

Cicret arm bracelet

Let's end today's fun with a hi-tech gadget. My jaw dropped when I saw this. How come I had never heard of this? Watch the video and AFTER you pick up your jaw from the floor, click here.

TGIF people! Have a wonderful weekend!


Thank you for the TGIF! I enjoyed the "Senior Cheer". Have a good weekend and enjoy this great weather.


Happy to note that you enjoy the work you are doing for God's kingdom. Bless you!


Thanks Raoul, great advice for sharing our gifts. Reminded me of the day I visited my Grandsons Kindergarten Class. He had hyped my visit for months before I arrived and felt like A celebrity on my walking into the classroom.

The toughest part was getting up from the little chair I was sitting in but they all came to my aid tugging and pushing till I could stand.

One of the best experiences of my life.

Take Care, Tom of Pasadena

Hi Raoul!

Now that's a pretty good sermon, indeed, not bad my friend! Keep it up. I hope you and Jackie are doing well these days. I have become addicted to your Friday collection of goodies and all the amazing things to see and hear. That is a blessing!



So I watched that 'secret' video and immediately Snoped and then laughed when I saw your second link. Would be very cool thing though.

Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas. Wishing you all the best for 2015.


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