Chicken Roadkill


   You've seen those 3D Chalk Drawings being circulated around in the internet, right? When it first came out I thought it was a clever concept and figured it would be quite easy to execute. I never had the chance to prove my theory until the City of La Habra asked me to make one for an Art Walk for the kids. And so last Saturday I did. CLICK HERE to see what happened.

   Although I never actually made a chalk drawing, I knew that I could and volunteered to do it. Isn't growing up like that? You pick up skills, habits, knowledge and you add notches to your belt of experience. But there's a fast track to all this. They're called mentors. I'm having a blast meeting some genuine people --- older folk who give advice and mentor me to areas I've never been to. Last week you heard me talk about Heather (BTW, she's thrilled that she had so many fans who said very nice things about her letter to her husband).

    This week I met a senior named Beth, a Girl Scout trainer, who mentors young ladies and their parents. She inspires them to cook, to start a business, handle money responsibly and even tells them when to start wearing bras. She gets visits from women whom she hasn't seen for years just to get some needed hugs.

    I met with Terry a cancer survivor who almost didn't make it. He appreciates life so much more now. Reality about the silly rat race changed his priorities.

    Of course you need to watch out for the opportunists. They only call when they need something. Or they suck favors out of you and never reciprocate. Surprisingly, they're the ones who are constantly shortchanged in life. I guess it's true --- the more you give the more you get back.

   Anne, one of my readers said that Heather's letter last week inspired her to Pay Forward kindness and treated someone to lunch.

   Contagious isn't it?

Wisdom from Rey of Simi Valley, CA
Words of Wisdom

The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you even when you weren't very lovable.

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The glory of young men is their strength, but the splendor of old men
is their gray hair.
Proverbs 20:29

Chicken Road Kill
Contributed by Heather of Whitttier, CA

A man was riding his sportscar past a friend's chicken farm and he ran over one of the chickens and killed it.

When he got off the car, and looked at the chicken he recognized that this was his friend's prized chickens. He was devasted and didn't know what to say to his friend.

He picked up the chicken and walked to the front door and knocked.

When his friend opened the door, the man said, "I am so sorry but I killed one of your chickens.

I feel terrible about it."

His friend said, "Don't worry! That's not my chicken!
I don't have any flat chickens."


Click on the comic strip above to view an enlargement.

Videos of the week:
Goats Bleeping

Contributed by Daniela of Pasadena, CA

Goats Bleeping

See what one bleep can do to herd of goats. Excitable creatures aren't they?

The Future: Doctors Teaching with Holograms
Contributed by Charlie of New York

future doctors with holograms

If they start doing this, I wanna go to Med School.

Oklahoma Chalkboards
Contributed by Rodney of Manitoba, B.C.

Oklahoma Chalkboards

Not a video but a website. Look what they discovered hidden in an Oklahoma classroom for over a hundred years. It's like finding a roomful of early American heiroglyphics.

Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA


A video for you war historians. It's rather long but I was captivated. It's about those strange looking double bodied aircrafts that made all the difference in America winning World War II.

Wildlife from National Geographic
Contributed by Tom of Pasadena, CA

National Geographic does it again

Superb cinematography. If you aren't a nature lover, this video will change all that.

Budapest Airshow

Contributed by Don of Kelowna, B.C.
Budapest Air show

These Budapest Air Daredevils could never get away doing these stunts in America. These are dangerously crazy.

Barbecue Wire Brush Bristles Could Kill You
Contributed by Ernie of Fountain Valley, CA

Wire Brush Danger

It's summer and barbecue is very popular. But there is a real danger if you do not clean your grill correctly. Just watch.

Disney Fly Medley
Contributed by Robee of Northern California

Chip and company You can fly

We end this TGIF edition with a wonderful arrangement of tunes that take you back to your childhood.

TGIF people!


Your experience with the La Habra 3d drawings was interesting and well written. I liked your drawing, never mind if it was not completed. But you can see what it would look like. And did you notice? Your later pictures of the street water puddles reflected the trees and post and looked like 3 d drawings. They were pretty.


You're right. The reflections were picturesque.

As I said in the article, the big thing for me was proving that I could
do it and have the pictures to prove it. Now I am eying doing more
street art and city design jobs. I am currently working on a proposal to
do paintings on street light boxes. We'll see if this turns into something.


Great ideas and safety features and I liked your Shark and Comic Strip. Thanks

Tom of Pasadena

The chalk work shark was amazing, notice I said was because mother nature did her thing. Thanks for printing the little chicken joke.

Heather of Whittier, CA

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