Sleepover at the Farm


   Doug sends me his emails. He's an old Texan missionary who I met some 30 years ago when I was still searching for answers about God and the meaning of life. I must have talked to him only 4 times and all for just a few minutes in passing. Yet I've known of his humble activities with the poor through mutual friends. He was such an impact in my early faith that I vividly remember 2 sermons he delivered. One was about lighting a match in a pitch dark cave which seemed to light the whole cavern which was like being a light of hope to the darkness of the world. The other sermon was during Christmas. He told about a little boy who acted as the inn keeper in the church Nativity scene. When Joseph and Mary asked if there was any room, the boy was suddenly overcome with compassion and shouted "Yes! Yes! Come in!" It was a show stopper that brought more meaning to the play.
   Doug and his wife Margie adopted 2 foster kids. One of them became a real blessing and admired his Dad and also became a missionary.
   Doug started his mission organization with the poor even when he was diagnosed with cancer (which went into remission after he started eating right). He travels around the world sharing the Gospel. In all his years retirement was never a priority. He has always trusted God to provide. Today he's quite frail and I am concerned about his future.
   This week his email talked about his son praying to raise $4,200 to buy a 67 sq. meter lot to build a 3 story school made out of old shipping containers.
   I cried. Doug's pride and joy was just like him --- creative, unselfish, focused in his mission with a supportive wife and family.
    Suddenly my concerns are miniscule compared to his. I do my part in my small way but Doug---he's giving his all!

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God ... and all these things will be added unto thee"
--- Matthew 6:33

Wisdom from Joji of Antipolo, Philippines
Words of Wisdom

If you Walk the Way guided by Humans, you will find a Hopeless End.

BUT If you will Walk the Way guided by GOD, you will find Endless Hopes & Opportunities.

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Marlene of Manila; Jun of Quezon City; Joel of Singapore; Naomi of North Hollywood;
Joji of Antipolo; Peter Paul of S. Pasadena; Daniela of Pasadena; John of ??

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Sleep Over at the Farm
Contributed by John M. (unfortunately I don't know where he's from)

Videos of the week:

Cookie Monster Life Coach
Contributed by Marlene of Manila, Philippines

Cookie Monster Life Coach

What if the Cookie Monster was a Life Coach?

Watch this funny video.

Giant Indian Fireworks
Contributed by Jun of Quezon City, Philippines

Giant firework goes airborne

Very strange activity --- people with long torches. Almost like a scene from a National Geographic/Sci-Fi movie. Quite entertaining.

What Do Teachers Make?
Contributed by Joel of Singapore

What Teachers Make

Here's a teacher who defends his profession well. No apology needed for the wonderful things teachers do for the world. Inspirational.

Kaleidoscope Dance
Contributed by Jun of Quezon City, Philippines

kaleidoscope Dance

Fascinating dance routine that creates interesting patterns. Very creative.

Exodus Using Modern Technology
Contributed by Naomi of North Hollywood, CA

Google Exodus

Humorous concept of the Passover story using social media.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. In Christian circles, that means the Messiah rode a donkey into Jerusalem on April 6, 32 AD. Exactly 173,880 days from Daniel's prophecy on Chapter 9:25.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Contributed by Peter Paul of South Pasadena

Journey to the center of the earth

Do you know what's deep deep below the surface? Here's an interactive website that shows some interesting factoids as you travel to the core of the earth. Fascinating journey.

Smooth Criminal by a Youthful Quartet
Contributed by Daniela of Pasadena, CA

Smooth Criminal Youth Quartet

Many of you have heard Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" performed by 2 duelling cellos. Here are 4 kids who do their own version of the music.

TGIF People!


Dear Raoul,

I'm so blown over by your story about Doug the missionary you met 30 yrs ago, that I am responding already before I even read the TGIF jokes. You are blessed in your life, I know that . And Doug is one of the many blessings that the Lord has sent your way. Thank God for him and his son and his family. And thank God for you. He has blessed us with you. And now you are blessing the many readers who are fortunate to read your TGIF, "Amor con amor se paga."


Doug is just one of the many good missionary friends I have.

Thanks for the kind words about my encouragement to others. I'm sure others say the same about you.


Great intro about Doug .

Those people amaze me with their zeal and love of the Lord.


Thanks Tom.

Yup! Doug's the real thing.




Thanks Heather.



Hi Raoul,

Your journey to the center of the earth shows an error on the address when you click the link. Any way of resending this???


Hi Melba.

Actually, the link worked when I coded this. However, Mailchimp, the program I use to send my email added codes automatically that messed it up.

In every issue I send out, you can follow the link at the very top and click it 2x to get to the real source. But here is the link:


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