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A Different Answer

   A group of us have been praying for Brando (not his real name) --- a Whistleblower who pointed out a dangerous situation at work and got fired for it. His salary was reduced from a 6 figure income to zero. The stress was almost unbearable as his savings melted away day by day for almost 2 years. I've been involved with the unemployed ministry for years so I am familiar with that world of agony. One's confidence and zest for life melts away like a snowman on a summer day. Society shuns you like a leper and you feel useless. With every humbling job rejection you become more and more insignificant. Even your spouse cannot fully understand you and encouragement turns into blame. A cloud of depression follows you wherever you go. It's a living hell.

   Brando got a call today and he was accepted for a part time job. This wasn't exactly the job he expected but it pays something. It's a good start. Even as our group jumped for joy, Brando was still in his little cave and nervous about coming out to the light. He's so fragile.

   God is not a genie in a bottle. He answers prayer in different ways: it could very well be a YES. It could be a NO. It could be a WAIT. Or it could be like his answer to Brando --- a YES but on His terms.

   This drama is happening in real time so no one knows where this will lead to. But I share this so that you, wherever you are in your journey through life, will have hope that God is still in the business of answering prayers.

   TGIF people!

Wisdom from Tom of Pasadena, CA
Words of Wisdom

Yeah, I've got O.C.D. ---
Old, Cranky and Dangerous!

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Life always offers you a second chance. It's called TOMORROW.

Farm Riddles
Contributed by Rodney of Manitoba, B.C.

How did the farmer find his wife?
He tractor down.

I'm a second hand vegetarian.
Cows eat grass, I eat cows.

What did the Mama Cow say to the Baby Cow?
"It's pasture bedtime."

If you wear cowboy clothes, are you Ranch Dressing?

This job isn't for everyone but Hay! ...
it's in my JEANS.

What do you call a cow who just recently had its baby?

Videos of the week:

What's 2 + 1?
Norm the Arcadia Accountant

Chinese Boy  2 + 1 math

How do you solve this equation? Ask your classmate for the answer. But, you know what? Cheating can only go so far. To get a wrong answer despite your friend already feeding you the answer requires some major talent of stupidity.

Depressed T-Rex
Peter Paul of South Pasadena, CA

Depressed T-Rex

An excellent commercial about a very sad T-REx. Who would have thought you could combine a dinosaur with a car commercial? The creators said the hardest part was making an essentially boxy face look depressed. This is an awesome commercial.

Another World
Norm the Arcadia Accountant

Another World

Even if you're not into this mantra/meditation thing, you probably heard something like this before. I heard something like this when I went for some deep tissue massage. All the different sounds comes from this man's mouth. Of course a lot of imagination comes with that too.

Little Girl and Her Owl
Norm the Arcadia Accountan
girl kissing Owl

We end our time together with these adorable friends. Extremely cute.

TGIF people! Have a good weekend!

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